• Untimely Demise
    Systematic Eradication

    Untimely Demise have signed a contract with up and coming record company Punishment 18 from Italy, the same one that has Ultra-Violence. This happened after...

  • Mantar
    Death By Burning

    Mantar are newcomers in the sludge music scene. Their first full-length record is officially released by Svart Records this year, a record titled ‘Death by...

  • Conan
    Blood Eagle

    Conan, the UK’s most famous sludge trio has returned. With a great record and a few great EP’s and split, the band gained publicity and...

  • Exivious

    It’s been quite a pleasure to listen to this album for sure. An album of this nature should be released with warning labels though. NOT...

  • Blut Aus Nord
    Debemur Morti (EP)

    Black metal is an art of the senses, a darkened music genre that acts as a force, giving strength and refreshing the pneuma. The new...

  • Skeletonwitch
    Serpents Unleashed

    Skeletonwitch is one of the oldest black/thrash bands in the new breed of US thrash alongside Toxic Holocaust and are definitely an established band.

  • Satan’s Wrath
    Aeons Of Satan’s Reign

    Many bands have tried to use Satanic imagery and lyrics in their music as part of their whole individual concept. From Mercyful Fate and Venom...

  • Artillery

    Denmark is the land of heavy metal pioneers Mercyful Fate and Pretty Maids, Lars Ulrich (Metallica), modern thrashers Hatesphere but also the land that brought...

  • The Vision Bleak
    Witching Hour

    I have to admit that The Vision Bleak where never one of the bands that provoked me with their sound/ music even back in the...

  • Cynic
    Kindly Bent To Free Us

    Cynic; a band we all loved because of its unique, experimental, technical metal. The band gifted us with records which are already classic like ‘Focus’...

  • Sahg
    Delusions Of Grandeur

    What would happen if Ozzy Osbourne was born twenty years afterwards and decided to make a doom metal band with a modern sound? A partial...

  • Ashes Of Ares
    Ashes Of Ares

    Ashes Of Ares is a fine collaboration of ex-Iced Earth vocalist Matt Barlow and guitarist Freddie Vidales and ex-Nevermore drummer Van Williams. They come from...

  • Generation Kill
    We’re All Gonna Die

    his time's review will be about a side project: Rob Duke's of thrash legends Exodus alongside some other guys from various bands created a band...

  • Valkyrja
    The Antagonist’s Fire

    Black metal bands never rest! Every year, there are plenty of new black metal releases for us to enjoy and get in touch with.

  • Beastmilk

    Remember when there was a time for bands to release a debut record and totally become a major success? Well, we haven’t seen something close...