• Cannabis Corpse
    From Wisdom To Baked

    There are many parody bands out there or just bands that don't take themselves too seriously. Lyricwise mostly. Acid Drinkers from Poland are a good...

  • Opeth
    Pale Communion

    Progress. A word that sprawls its meaning to the four corners of the horizon. A word that in modern music terminology is used to define...

  • Nachtmystium
    The World We Left Behind

    Once again I have the chance to review a black metal band which loves to experiment on the music they create. I just love how...

  • Bloody Hammers
    Under Satan’s Sun

    The discography of Bloody Hammers so far has made me think of them as underachievers. They have everything they need to be considered occult rock...

  • Tankard

    ]Aaaaah one of those nights again, those nights when one beer follows the other and one incident follows the other and then you wake up...

  • Misery Index
    The Killing Gods

    Misery Index is Season of Mist’s most ascendant death metal band. They began their music journey in 2003 with the release of ‘Retaliate’ and since...

  • Sigiriya
    Darkness Died Today

    If someone had asked me “What do you think about Sigiriya?” about one year ago, I think I’d find myself in a really awkward position.

  • Judas Priest
    Redeemer of Souls

    Whenever I am looking for the roots of heavy metal, the bands which created our beloved music style and its components, the band I mostly...

  • SepticFlesh

    SepticFlesh are a symphonic death metal band, founded in Athens, in 1990. They were formed by Sotiris Vayenas (guitar), Spiros Antoniou(vocals, bass) and Christos Antoniou...

  • Toxic Waltz
    Decades Of Pain

    Another brand new thrash band for us, this time from Germany. With a name taken from the ultimate moshing anthem Toxic Waltz by Exodus, these...

  • Mastodon
    Once More Around The Sun

    If I was asked to mention a few bands which can never stay settled into specific ideas, the first band to come in mind would...

  • Arch Enemy
    War Eternal

    Arch Enemy, once a small band by Michael Ammott, former guitarist of Carcass, now a strong name for the mainstream metal scene of today. Their...

  • Crowbar
    Symmetry In Black

    Kirk Windstein shocked everyone when he resigned from his position as a guitarist of the Down, to focus on his personal band (Crowbar) and to...

  • Anathema
    Distant Satellites

    Anathema have been around for over twenty years. Regardless of musical direction, they’ve managed to consistently release albums that were creative, emotional and fairly unique.

  • Mayhem
    Esoteric Warfare

    There’s a lot of interest coming around Mayhem the last year. Seven years have passed since their last record (‘ Ordo Ad Chao’) and a...