• Anathema
    Distant Satellites

    Anathema have been around for over twenty years. Regardless of musical direction, they’ve managed to consistently release albums that were creative, emotional and fairly unique.

  • Mayhem
    Esoteric Warfare

    There’s a lot of interest coming around Mayhem the last year. Seven years have passed since their last record (‘ Ordo Ad Chao’) and a...

  • Vader
    Tibi Et Igni

    Vader need not much of an introduction: devastating old school Death metal from Poland making some of the best records in that area of music...

  • Savage Messiah
    The Fateful Dark

    Another band from the UK trying to make it happen in the New Wave Of thrash metal, Savage Messiah. Just like Evile, a band well...

  • Killer Be Killed
    Killer Be Killed

    Aren’t you intrigue when Max Cavalera ,Troy Sanders, Creg Puciato and Dave Elitch are coming together to record an album? Well after so many unsuccessful...

  • Autopsy
    Tourniquets, Hacksaws And Graves

    After 2009 and the return of Autopsy in the discography, I am really happy that they work hard and they are again in the list...

  • Lacuna Coil
    Broken Crown Halo

    Lacuna Coil is an Italian Gothic metal band who formed in Italy, Milan, in 1994 by vocalist Andrea Ferro and bassist/composer Marco Coti Zelati.

  • 1000mods

    What is this? Was I magically teleported back in the 90’s? Is this Josh Homme on the guitars? Or could it be Al Cisneros slapping...

  • Lord Mantis
    Death Mask

    Another sludge metal band returned this year with a record (along with Mantar and Indian). This time, the band I’m referring to is Lord Mantis,...

  • Planet of Zeus

    Yes after three years Planet of Zeus are back! The band, which renewed and helped the stoner rock scene grow bigger and bigger, released their third...

  • Sabaton

    Boys and girls gather around! It's time for our history class! The latest Sabaton album is out! It's been two years since the famous split...

  • Truckfighters

    ]I guess I should start getting used to the idea that there is not going to be a second "Gravity X". But you had me...

  • Down
    IV: part two (EP)

    After the release of the first part of a series of three EP’s, Down came back for the second one (this time without Kirk on...

  • Triptykon
    Melana Chasmata

    There aren’t many bands nowadays with a true identity and a unique character. There aren’t bands which will perform whatever their heart will compose as...

  • Chronosphere
    Embracing Oblivion

    Chronosphere are here to claim what's theirs (whether you like it or not, yep lyrical reference intended).