For those who do not know, Hellyeah is a supergroup from Texas, featuring members of Pantera and Mudvayne. After their homonym debut album released in 2006 and its follower called “Stampede”, Hellyeah return for their third full length studio album named “Band Of Brothers”. Since their first album Hellyeah offered us two albums of pure southern rock with lots of bluesy and acoustic elements. Although in recent interviews the band members claimed that “Band Of Brothers” will be closer to metal genre.

From even the first seconds of the new album you can distinguish their sound change to groove metal style that a lot Pantera die hard fans would love. “War In Me “ opens the album with the best possible way along with catchy guitar riffs and drum beats which evolve to a great breakdown and solo about 1.14 , unusual to Hellyeah’s previous works. Coming next “Band Of Brothers” vanishes every doubt about their new style and continues the listening of the new album with some more angry groove riffs accompanied by a great chorus. The pace and the groove tend to become higher as “Rage Burn” comes along bringing some nice memories of Pantera period especially in the guitar and drum sessions (does the part in 2.50 brings you smiles?).In the continuation, another song hymning alcohol such as “Alchohaulin Ass” called “Drink Drank Drunk “becomes the best opportunity to drink along with your budies and listening to some nice music.

As the album flows you can see Chad Gray attempting some more soft vocal style in songs like “Bigger Hole “supplementing nicely the whole atmosphere. And here we have in the sixth track of the album “Between You And Nowhere” a southern ballad like they always used in which the blues influences can not be hidden giving the listener a nice chilling break among the whole groove fury. The Dimebag inspired riffs come and go and a more “hardcore attitude arises as the four last songs of the record come. The highlight of them in my opinion is the song “WM Free” (Godmann I could resist headbaning). Finally after the drum fantastic song “Dig Myself A Hole”, the album comes to an end with the song “What It Takes To Be Me” with Vinnie tearing the drum set once again.

All in all, “Band Of Brothers” may not be a masterpiece album but establishes a new era under the Hellyeah family that I will surely want to check out. Till then raise the redneck flags high!!

Track List Line Up
01. War in Me
02. Band of Brothers
03. Rage/Burn
04. Drink Drank Drunk
05. Bigger God
06. Between You and Nowhere
07. Call It Like I See It
08. Why Does It Always
09. WM Free
10. Dig Myself a Hole
11. What It Takes to Me
Vinnie Paul Drums
Tom Maxwell Guitars
Greg Tribbett Guitars
Chad Gray Vocals
Bob “Bobzilla” Kakaha Bass