When we talk about Thrash metal lyrics we often think of the following subjects: war, social and political decay, philosophy, science fiction and definitely fun times and stories. We have many bands that deal with the fun issues: Tankard from Germany, Wehrmacht from the US and the Polish Acid Drinkers that we’ll review this time.

Personally I’ve learned about this band from their hilarious live cover of Seek And Destroy/Smoke On The Water, showing band members that don’t take themselves too seriously. Their new album “La Part Du Diable” kicks in with the Thrashing and blasting track “Kill The Gringo” (the groovy chorus in Mexican is amazing!) reminding me a bit of Strapping Young Lad.

Next we have the old school Thrasher “The Trick” with it’s mid tempo kick ass chorus and kick ass solo. The fans are going to love this one. The stoner grooves start to work on “Old Sparky” especially on the chorus where the 2 singers share it one using effects making it really catchy. The speed rises again on the next track “On The Beautiful Bloody Danube” Thrashing in the beginning then grooving again in the verse and chorus followed by another amazing solo. “Dance Semi-Macabre” starts with a doom metal riff only to clearly show the stoner aspects of the bands’ sound in the most headbanging way for the listener. Also gotta love the eerie solo beginning in the middle! The groove continues to “V.O.O.W.” showing that the lead singer is as comfortable with Thrash vocals as with stoner smoked out vocals including another chorus with great gang vocals and rockin’ out solos.

“Bundy’s DNA” is one the fastest songs on the album, not slowing down till the end. Another groovy track follows called “Andrew’s Strategy” and really dark I’d say, due to the disarmonic chords used throughout the song which is marked by a superb middle-eastern solo in the middle. “The Payback” brings back the speed to the album and a groovy chorus. “Broken Real Good” is another mid tempo Thrash/Stoner track grooving all the way through.

The album ends with “Zombie Nation”, where that feelgood riff and especially the “allula allula lady” part at the end makes you think that this album may be the perfect soundtrack for a rock bar full of tattooed wild hogs singing their lungs out and drinking whiskey and beer till they drop . And that’s the main feeling that you get out of this album: macho attitude combined with Thrash ferocity. Acid Drinkers do it their own way and they invite you in to join them.

Track List Line Up
01. Kill the Gringo
02. The Trick
03. Old Sparky
04. On the Beautiful Bloody Danube
05. Dance Semi-Macabre
06. V.O.O.W.
07. Bundy’s DNA
08. Andrew’s Strategy
09. The Payback
10. Broken Real Good
11. Zombie Nation
Tomek “Titus” Pukacki – vocals, bass
Darek “Popcorn” Popowicz – lead guitar
Maciek “Ślimak” Starosta – drums
Wojciech “Jankiel” Moryto – rhythm guitar, vocals