[colored_box color=”grey”]Rating: 8.5
Label: AFM Records
Website: Link
Author: John Savvidis[/colored_box]

This time around we’ll review a newcomer Gama Bomb is one of the most promising Thrash bands of the New Wave especially with their albums “Citizen Brain” (2008) “Tales From The Grave In Space” (2009). A band close to the early Bay Area Thrash sound of Exodus with the addition of Anthrax/Overkill influence to the gang vocals. As for their lead vocals these are reminiscent of early Anthrax and Bay Area Thrash bands and they are well known for their sense of humor in the lyrics.

Their new album kicks in with “The Wrong Stuff” (no wrong stuff at all) Thrashing and with vocals that might remind the listener of Heathen or Deathwish (really unique sounding though) including top notch solos. “Legends Of Speed” comes next to continue the Thrashing massacre with more great riffage and soloing. A drum intro leads us to the next track called “Backward Bible” which is more midtempo and headbanging in the beginning with some Thrash parts here and there including a kick ass chorus and again amazing soloing. “Beverly Hills Robocop” (one hell of a title no doubt) comes in with more kick ass Thrash riffage and an amazing Speed/Thrash riff in the chorus including the Robocop spoken parts during the song. Another unique element of the vocals is that they sound like part of a stand up comedian. “Smoke The Blow With Willem Dafoe” is a hilarious small track but even that is taken care of with ripping riffs and ferocious gang vocals, showing the bands mood to present the best result possible. “We Started The Fire” comes again with an extremely obsessive chorus in the middle and some ferocious Thrash riffage making it one of the best songs of the album.

Terrorscope” the first single of the record, with another catchy chorus and some more amazing solos that play the theme from early movies I can’t really recall right now. “The Cannibals Are In The Streets – All Flesh Must Be Eaten” is a song showing the strong Anthrax influence (Belladona-era) including a great headbanging chorus and fast tempo once more. “Shitting Yourself To Live” is a, whatever you get it from the title that its a fun song of 21 seconds. “Matrioshka Brain” brings back the speed to the record in full song version with more catchiness in the chorus. Mid tempo intro Thrash riffage brings us “Metal Idiot” a self sarcastic track with a lot of crossover elements. The final track “Wrecking Ball” is another Thrasher that leads to a more midtempo/Headbanging chorus then back to Thrashing madness.

Another top quality release by a Thrash metal band, which fails to let down their fans and all Thrash maniacs out there. Unique style of Thrash setting them apart from the rest. Hails to Gama Bomb!!

Track List Line Up
01. The Wrong Stuff
02. Legend Of Speed
03. Backwards Bible
04. Beverly Hills Robocop
05. Smoke The Blow With Willem Dafoe
06. We Started The Fire
07. Terrorscope
08. The Cannibals Are In The Streets – All Flesh Must Be Eaten
09. Shitting Yourself To Live
10. Matrioshka Brain
11. Metal Idiot
12. Wrecking Ball
Domo Dixon – guitar
John Roche – guitar
Paul Caffrey – drums
Joe McGuigan – bass, backing vocals
Phillip Byrne – vocals