[colored_box color=”grey”]Rating: 10
Label: ViciSolum Productions
Website: Link
Author: Pascal Skoufos[/colored_box]

Now here we have a band I am listening for the first time. We’re talking about Persefone from Andorra (!!!). I think as a genre we could define this band progressive melodic death metal. These guys have made three albums so far (“Truth Inside The Shades” in 2004, “Core” in 2006 and “Shin Ken” in 2009) and they release their fourth full-length album “Spiritual Migration” four years since their latest release. To the album now, what facinated me from the beginning are the extremely skilled technical playing abilities of these guys. Fast solos on both guitars and keyboards and crazy drumming with lots of double-bass and unbelievable fills and break downs. The vocals change between harsh vocals and the clean vocals of the keyboard player.

The influences of these guys are almost everything, from Dark Tranquillity to Death and from Opeth to Dan Swano, close to Dream Theater and many more. What has blown me away the most is that there isn’t one element that is missing from the band. I dont know even where to begin. From harsh vocals which are making you want to bang your had so badly to clean vocals with great harmonies and melody lines and from extreme technical playing on all instruments to extremely atmospheric melodic and psychedelic points in the songs. Βecause of these changes in songs and including all kinds of elements you don’t get tired of it. You can hear it over and over again with ease.

I won’t analyze the songs one by one because the album is amazing from start to finish, the highlight is the whole album whuch also contains six instrumentals, the intro of the album “Flying Sea Dragons“, “Zazen Meditation“, “Consciouness Pt.1 : Sitting in Silence”, “Consciouness Pt. 2 : A Path to Enlightenment“, “Metta Meditation” and the “Outro“. The lyrics of the album have also very strong meaning. Song titles like “Mind As Universe“, “Inner Fullness” and “Spiritual Migration” are making it obvious I think.

The production is also amazing, you can hear every instrument perfectly clear. As a conclusion, this album is surely one of the best in 2013 and I think anyone who likes progressive music in any form, from technical bands or more melodic death bands (or probably any music fan) should DEFINETELY check this album out. A perfect release for me personally!

Track List Line Up
01. Flying Sea Dragons
02. ind as Universe
03. The Great Reality
04. Zazen Meditation
05. The Majestic of Gaia
06. Consciouness Pt.1 : Sitting in Silence
07. Consciouness Pt. 2 : A Path to Enlightenment
08. Inner Fullness
09. Metta Meditation
10. Upward Explosion
11. Spiritual Migration
12. Returning to the Source
13. Outro
Toni Mestre – Bass
Jordi Gorgues – Guitars
Carlos Lozano – Guitars (lead)
Miguel Espinosa – Keyboards, Vocals
Marc Martins – Vocals (lead)
Marc Mas – Drums