Maria Aga

Review: Kampfar – Profan

"KAMPFAR" is the word to describe an ancient Norse battle cry which means Odin or Wotan and it matches perfectly the pagan black metal direction of the band; ne...

Interview: Kampfar (Jon Bakker)

KAMPFAR's 'Profan' is one of the releases which gathered a lot of attention this year. Metalpaths had the chance to talk with the bassist of the pagan black metallers Jon Bakker. Enjoy!

Review: Tsjuder – Antiliv

Norway has a long history on black metal and it is the place where the first bands gave birth to the dark and extreme genre. TSJUDER is active since 1995 having...
Maria Aga

Maria Aga

Studied anthropology and cultural sociology, Maria lives in the North. Music is life to her and she can’t imagine a world without concerts. Also a coffee addict taking her coffee as she takes her music – black. Carpe noctem!