Time for the last travel-blog for a little while, wouldn’t want to bore you guys with the same topic for too long.

So, this time I thought I’d just share a few random tips about a little bit of everything. Just those small little details that you don’t think about until it’s too late and you wish that you had known earlier.

One of those things is choosing the right seat on the plane. I for one hate getting stuck behind very slow people who take all day to gather their luggage and jackets and start walking towards the exit. If you’re way in the back, it feels like it’s gonna take forever before you get out. Not to mention that you’re going to be behind all those slow people for the passport-control as well. There are just occasions when you don’t feel like dealing with that.

So, check in as soon as you can and grab your seat.

A suggestion is to choose row 2 (or whichever is the second row after business-class) and ISLE.

Eventhough I love the window-seat, I don’t like being stuck in there when it’s time to get off the plane. And if you choose the first row, you’re not allowed to have as much as a jacket in that row for security reasons.

Second row, isle – and you’ll be flying off the plane in no time and be first in line for passport control – and off you go to your gig, hotel or whatever!)

Alright, that was one thing. On to a few other, smaller this-and-thats:

  • Stay healthy
    That goes without saying, but it sucks to get sick when you’re planned a concert- trip. Get enough sleep, eat properly, take vitamin supplements if you have to, just make sure you stay healthy so you don’t have to cancel your trip.
  • Clean up and make your bed before you leave. Even if your flight is super early in the morning. You’ll be glad when you get home, to find everything in welcoming, nice order.

  • When you’re paying for your journey
    Try having at least two different cards – one Electron and one with actual credit. The reason being that some airlines charge you more for using a credit card, but it’s free using a Visa Electron.
  • How much cash?
    It depends what kind of trip it is. It’s good to have cash for small things – to grab a hot dog somewhere, to tip a cab driver, going to the loo, whatever…So, make sure you have small change with you and a sufficient amount in cash before you leave.If I’m travelling through more than one country that uses different currencies, I use little empty Kinder Egg-containers and mark them with the currency symbol so that I can easily find it when I need it.You usually can’t exchange coins when you get back home, only bills. So when I get home from a trip, I save all the foreign coins in a sorting box that you can find in DIY stores. So, whenever I need small change for the UK, the US, Euro or any other currency, I’ve got it right there.

The Kinderegg containers by the way, are great for a number of things. I use it to store my SD-memorycards, for small change, for headache-pills or cold-pills, creams for face and hands or if your hair is short – shampoo and conditioner. Just enough for a small amount.

Then you just write on each container what’s in it, makes it easy to find it when you need it.

  • The main thing for a comfortable and easy trip is – only pack what’s absolutely necessary, and then decimate it! You’ll be surprised when you realize how LITTLE stuff you actually NEED when you’re out for just a few days. Toothbrush, wallet, cellphone, camera, your tickets, a smartphone/laptop/iPad and access to your Internet bank in case of emergency. And clean underwear. Those are the necessities. Everything else is mandatory.

And the more you plan ahead, the less you have to waste time trying to figure it out when you get to your destination.

Bon voyage!

 Written by: Daniela P.