ARCH ENEMY is one of the Swedish’s death metal diamonds. On the occasion of new album of the band “Rise Of The Tyrrant”, Metalpaths had a short conversation with the almighty Angela Gossow who speaks about the composing sections of Rise Of The Tyrrant, the rejoin of Christ in the band and many more.

Hello Angela. This is Karagiannidis Panagiotis of Metalpaths. How are you ?

Great. Very busy with Arch Enemy as usual.

Let’s talk about the Rise Of The Tyrant. Tell me some words about the period that you were composing the songs and how was the recordings section?

Oh dear. That’s quiet some time ago and we did a lot of touring since then.. We started writing early on and had a lot of material to chose from. We made a lot of rehearsal demos and picked out the best. It was great to have Chris back on board – we missed his elegant style a little!

What’s your opinion about Rise Of The Tyrant compared to the previous Arch Enemy albums? To me it looks a little bit more “aggressive” and brutal than the old ones.

It is more intense and frantic than Doomsday Machine. I like the fact that every Arch Enemy album sounds different. I also like my music to be brutal.. If it were for me, it would have been even more extreme (laughs)

Chris Amott is also back in the band. Did he contribute to the songwriting process of Rise Of The Tyrant?

Yes, bits and pieces. He came in the last 1,5 months of the writing process. Most of the stuff was written by Michael though. But Chris def spiced up the songs with his trademark playing!

You also made a video clip for “Revolution Begins”. Why did you choose especially this song?

It has a very catchy melody and transports Arch Enemy’s main message: REVOLUTION!

In the Rise Of The Tyrant you covered Kiss’s “The Oath”. How that idea comes in your mind?

It’s a rather unknown track from Kiss.. a bit obscure. We just thought it could be fun to twist that song and record an extreme metal version of it.

So what exactly are you doing at the moment? As I know you are going to do a headline tour in Japan right?

Yes, we are preparing for our upcoming headline tours in Asia, Europe and America. This will keep us busy until June.Then we will prepare for some festivals. We are also setting up an official fansite and just launched a store at If our fans ever wanna get some cool Arch Enemy stuff, they should check this out!

2007 was the first time that you visited Greece for a gig. What’s your impressions about the Greek crowd?

Fantastic! Reminded me a lot of South America!!! Loud, intense and passionate. We are def coming back! We love you!

So Angela, thank you very much for the interview. The last words belong to you.

Thank you for your support! Long live Hellas! Stay pure fucking Metal!

Interviewed by: Karagiannidis Panagiotis