Metalpaths recently conducted an interview with the frontman of the legendary German thrashers Kreator. Mille speaks about the new album Hordes Of Chaos, the upcoming Kreator plans and furthermore his opinion about the topicality and the future/progression of the thrash metal.

Hello Mille, this is Panagiotis of Metalpaths. How are you?

I´m fine… preparing for the big US Tour with Exodus.

So your twelfth release is a fact under the name of “Hordes Of Chaos”. Are you satisfied with the result?

Absolutely. We got great reviews and an unbelievable feedback from the fans.

It’s the second time that you are recording an album in a live situation since Pleasure To Kill. Why you chose this way? Do you believe that the result is more powerful and direct?

Yes definitely. We were not sure upfront but in the end it was the right decision. The album sound powerful not dated and will stand the test of time.

Hordes Of Chaos looks like the logical follower of Enemy Of God. They are moving to the same paths. I think Hordes Of Chaos is a little bit darker. What’s your opinion?

The world gets darker and so is Hordes Of Chaos. The whole lyrical content is a reflection of the last 4 years.

The most riffs of the album, as the main one of the semi-titled song for example, sounds to me more melodic and modern and the production is more “shiny” as well on the contrary with the past that the old school thrash metal was more “raw” and “dirty”. Do you believe that this is the progression that thrash metal should have?

I think so. Melodic, modern but denying the roots. That’s what we tried with Hordes Of Chaos. And when I reflect the European tour we did from January-March this year I´m absolutely sure that we did it right.

What inspired your decision for the album’s title and the lyrics of the songs?

As I said earlier the whole album is a reflection of the last 4 years and remembers what happened in this time frame.

Recently you filmed the video clip of Hordes Of Chaos. Was it your idea about the entire epic concept?

Hmm… there was no idea upfront. The video company came up with the idea and I liked it. Okay it’s a little Manowar style but the meaning of the song is totally visible.

So are you on tour at the moment? What are your upcoming plans?

We finished our European part and from April 7th onwards we do a US Tour with Exodus. In the summer we will play a lot of festivals and in autumn we will go to Japan and Australia. So we will be busy.

Could we hope to see you in Greece for one more time?

I hope so because the fans in Greece are absolutely one of the best audience.

What do you think about metal music nowadays? We see a new wave of new genres and bands that are more into hardcore, Christian metalcore etc, with a very different style in the music but in the appearance as well on the contrary with the classic metal that we knew. Do you think that metal is going to change one day in that level that it will finally disappear? What’s your opinion about the progression of the music?

We always had ups and downs with metal but in the end if you stick to your roots you will survive. There are great new bands like Legion of the Damned or Warbringer.

As I know the political/social questions were always occupied Kreator as a band. What’s your point of view of the topicality, the economic crisis etc?

It`s sad but as always the species human being did it. And I think we are far away from the peak.

Thank you for your time Mille. I hope the best for you and the band. The last words belong to you.

Thank you and be sure that we will bring the Hordes Of Chaos back to Greece.

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