Dodheimsgard are a distinguished black metal genre themselves. But what’s that makes DHG so special and different?Metalpaths recently communicated with Vicotnik who may know the answer…

You can also listen to the audio format of the interview here

First of all, I would like to ask you about Dodheimsgard’s low-profile attitude. You ‘ve never had a static line up and generally you have no rules. Would you like to comment on this?

Sure. I think that to be this different isn’t something you plan when you start. It’s something that happens. Musical ambitions change. For example, the singer Aldrahn became father so I had to find someone else. When it comes to the rest, I think we had the right people in the right time, like Apollyon and Fenriz for their influence they had on the albums “Monumental Possession” and “Kronet Til Konge”. So, when I feel creative I need to see first who I still have on board, because it takes much time from one release to another. I have to count who’s left and who I need to find. I also like very much to find new talends, especially unknown people. You can call it a hobby! I bring people to the band that they don’t have other bands and see what they can give. There is much sharing in music industry and I want to avoid it. For example , one drummer plays in ten bands. It’s much more interesting to built your own thing! And it’s the first time in years that I can say I have a band where everybody contributes,is dedicated and have love for our project!

How would you describe Dodheimsgard’s music after all this years?

Oh, that’s a very difficult question! I always say that describing your own art is not a wise thing to do. I think that the other people who listens to you can define your music. I don’t want to be like Satyricon who say they are the best black metal band and that kind of stuff. Let the music breed and has it’s own life! I own the music when it’s in the studio. But when it’s recorded and released, it’s everybody’s music!

Let’s talk about your new album which will be released in 2011, according your Myspace page.

It’s not sure that we will release it in 2011. I might be at the studio doing the finishing touches, or maybe the label would like to release it in 2012. I really don’t know. At least we are working on new material and we will hit the studio in 6 months!

Are there any information about the album? How is it going to be musically or if you have already find out a title?

Not yet. The whole musical thing is a process! Even though I have a clear picture in my mind for the album I know that it might totally change. For example, when we started to create “666 International”, it could be a follow up for “Satanic Art” and the songs were very similar. But later all that changed, because that’s art! It takes you to different directions of what you intended in the first place! I also make pre-productions at home and I have about thirty songs to chose from. So that’s why I can’t say anything about the album yet, because with so many songs you can create many albums. I have to kick out nineteen songs and keep the rest. Also, when you go to the studio and start the ritual of creating the album, that’s the moment when it defines your music.

During the composing process of a Dodheimsgard album are there any rules you follow?

Till the end of 90s I was writing all the material. The start of the composing is a very lonely process, cause it’s just me. I must have some feeling or a line of what kind of album will be created. It matters a lot how you are in your life at that time. All Dodheimsgard’s albums are very honest because they reflect what we were when we made them. Our music tells the truth! Song-writing is also a very complex situation. You can’t just sit down and write or play guitar.

Going a little back in time, you made a strong come back in 2007 with the album “Supervillain Outcast”. Will you keep the same attitude of total anarchy?

It all depends on the production! But you are right about one thing. It will always be a no-rules attitude on the song writing! It doesn’t mean that we will be more crazy or extreme! It can also mean that we can go back to basics, more like “Kronet Til Konge” album. You never know!

What’s your opinion about Black Metal in general in our days?

I think that it’s not fair to compare music! Everybody I know, including myself, we don’t give to new music the same chances we used to give some years ago. Back in the 90s you were listening an album many times and you liked it, and now you listen to an album once and you don’t like it. We don’t give the same attention. If we can do this we would start to see or listen some good parts! The thing that I miss nowdays is that the new bands aren’t so obssesed to create their own sound like we did in the past. The new generation is more into replicating the sounds that already exists! But I believe that we have to support the new blood. Even if we think that the old stuff was better. If we don’t support anyone now, the music will eventually die.

For many people Black Metal is ideology or religion. What’s Black Metal for you?

When you do Black Metal for many years, then you are allowed call it a life style. For me, doing this for twenty years and more, it’s definitelly a life style. I spend all my time on it! It’s my first priority! I’ve seen people that they are on scene for half a year and they call it a life style. But it’s not like this. Back in the 90s we were very strict about this. When someone was new in the scene, he passed a two-year test period in order to be fully accepted as a Black Metal brother. I still follow those rules cause Black Metal is my life!

You used to have a lot of other projects besides Dodheimsgard. Are you working on anything else this period of time?

Right now I’m working with a young band called INI! It’s a new band from Norway and I’m doing some engineering work for them. I think it’s a very interesting band who everyone should check.

Let’s talk about your live shows that already announced. What will the audience expects from Dodheimsgard?

In order to be fair to everyone who listens to us, the setlist will include songs from our whole discography and maybe there will be some new songs. It will be a surpirse!

Next month you’re coming to Greece! What are your memories from your last perfomance here and what do you expect from this live show?

I can say that Greece is my second home! I spend a lot of time there and for vacations! It’s good to me and to my band! The Greeks love our music and I have many friends. That makes me feel proud to be a part of the Greek Scene. It’s a great experience!

Before closing, I want to ask you what Dodheimsgard’s fans would expect in the future?

We’re not dead (Laughs)! We will always be around! Expect the unexpected! See you all in a month!

Interview by: Karagiannidis Panagiotis.
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