Yes! It’s true! After almost two years from their break up, the Greek groove/death/grind band Homoiratus are finally back to kick some serious ass!

During the past two years, most of them enrolled in other projects/bands and now that they reunited they are ready to bring the Greek death metal scene onto a higher level.

What’s really interesting is the current line up of the band… So we have Mitch on vocals, Angelos on bass, Argy on drums and Kostas on guitars – Homoiratus’ first guitarist. However, there’s also another member on guitars who recently joined the band, Kostas. During the past two years following the break up of Homoiratus, Angelos, Argy and the band’s new member, Kostas, formed God of Rotors and this is how they initially decided to include Kostas in the current line up of Homoiratus.

The current line up is:
Mitch – vocals (“Human Consumes Human”)
Angelos – bass (“Human Consumes Human”, “Knowledge…Their Enemy”, “Apocalypse”)
Argy – drums (“Absence of Progress”, “Human Consumes Human”, “Knowledge…Their Enemy”, “Apocalypse”)
Kostas – guitars (“Absence of Progress”)
Kostas – guitars (new member, “God of Rotors”, “Sklerotikz”)

The band is currently trying out some ideas for new tracks and at the same time they are rehearsing older ones. All this indicates that Homoiratus will soon record a new album, which – according to what is stated on their official page on myspace – is most likely to pick up back at “Human Consumes Human” and they will most probably at some point go on tour, both in Greece and abroad. However, the band hasn’t made any binding statements regarding the time when all this will happen, but when it does, they will definitely give us what we’ve been craving for!

A bit of biographical info for those not acquainted with the band, Homoiratus were formed in July 1998 and released their first demo tape on that very month. After a lot of line up changes, a number of albums and a long lasting hiatus, Homoiratus reached an abrupt end on May 2007.

All of the band’s releases were the source of great reviews by magazines and webzines like: Terrorizer, S.O.D, Metal-Rules, Noise Magazine, Live4Metal,, Quintessence, Metal Maniacs,Metal Hammer ( Gr ), Walls Of Fire and many others.

Homoiratus have shared the stage with Napalm Death, Malevolent Creation, Hateplow, Nasum, Obituary, Master, Benediction, Skitsystem, Children Of Bodom, Cannibal Corpse, Impaled Nazarene, Rotting Christ, Hypocrisy, Into The Gore, Nuclear Assault, Nightfall, Inveracity, Less Than Human, Corpus Mortale and many others.

The band has also toured in Europe with Danish Deathsters Konkhra in 2004 and appeared at the “Fuck The Commerce” fest in 2004.

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