Statement from Satyricon: “Let’s try and bring some clarity to the rumours that have been circulating lately. Although “The Age Of Nero” is now a year old, the project is still very much alive to us as we’ve been working it more or less non-stop for almost three years. The last 12 months since release has been spent relentlessly touring and the fortunate success of the album has taken us to India, Australia, Japan, twice to America, across Europe and around Scandinavia and now we head out on the “Finale In Black” tour, which will mark the end of the colossal “The Age Of Nero” project.

Once we have done that, we feel the time is right to take a break. A break where we can rest, get some perspective, work on other musical projects and non-musical projects and allow ourselves to figure out Satyricon’s next move. We have some ideas on what we want to do next and one of them is to open a new musical chapter. It has never been in this bands nature to rest on our laurels and we won’t be doing that either. When the time is right, we will start working on exploring new musical territory and only the future can tell what that will turn into. Taking on challenges like that is something Satyricon never has been afraid of.

On the contrary, it is what has made the band grow. We tried to perfect everything Satyricon has learnt and experienced musically for the last decade on “The Age Of Nero” and we feel that we reached the goal we set out to achieve. It is time to pave way for something new. No, we won’t return to something old. Forget it! All we know is that regardless of what we end up doing, it will still sound unmistakably like Satyricon.

We won’t tour in the foreseeable future unless it is something so unique that it could be considered an historical event, but we will do one or two select festivals here and there whenever we feel like it. When we return, some of the people surrounding us today might be gone and some might still be with us. We don’t know when, we don’t know how, but we do know that Satyricon is still very much alive and this break is something we know we need to do to keep it that way. Until then, see you at “Finale In Black”!”