According to, next August will see the release of a new DEEP PURPLE DVD box set containing film all three of the band’s Japanese concerts from August 1972.

Titled “Made In Japan Complete”, the three-disc box set will coincide with the 39th anniversary of DEEP PURPLE’s August 1972 Japanese tour.

Until recently, it was thought only a few minutes of fragmentary film footage existed from one of the shows. All of this was included on the “Deepest Purple” 30th anniversary reissue last year.

Now, several new rolls of film have been unearthed by the band’s video archivist, and DEEP PURPLE’s former keyboardist Jon Lord is looking forward to their release.

“These are historic recordings that we never even knew existed, but now everyone will be able to experience the band in full flight the way we were over those three very special nights in Japan,” he said.

“I particularly look forward to re-living the amazing interplay we had between us. I shall sit myself down with a glass of red and watch it all.”