Terrorizer conducted an interview with SLIPKNOT drummer

Joey Jordison for the magazine’s July 2012 issue. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below.

On SLIPKNOT’s original guitarist Donnie Steele, who will join the band on the Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival shows and will again be playing bass from backstage, out of the view of the crowd:

Joey: “The other guy [Donnie] is not allowed onstage, no fucking way. He is behind the stage and he does a great job. We are nine people and we, unfortunately, lost one. [SLIPKNOT bassist Paul Gray was found dead of an overdose of morphine and fentanyl at a hotel in Urbandale, Iowa in May 2010.] But it doesn’t matter; we are still nine. We can never replace Paul, but that’s why I brought Donnie into the band. He was the first guitarist who played before I came into the picture, when we were THE PALE ONES. He is really cool guy and very mellow.

“We haven’t decided on another bassist yet. We don’t want any marquee names or anything like that. It doesn’t make sense to bring anyone in from another band that’s huge. We want to keep it in the family, and he’s part of our family and it’s been great ever since.”

On SLIPKNOT’s next album:

Joey: “So far, I’ve written and recorded 40 songs. . . Everyone is writing stuff, but people want to do other projects [vocalist Corey Taylor and guitarist Jim Root are working on a new STONE SOUR album; percussionist Shawn M. Crahan has released a photography book], and so I’m writing alone until we can all come together. Then we can start playing and go from there. That’s how we wrote ‘Prelude’, ‘The Blister Exists’. It’s how we start a lot of songs.

“This will be our deepest, most celebrated record. The journey is that we are trying to live our lives, just like everyone else is trying ot live theirs. We all have weird shit in our lives and a lot of our songs reflect that. On the next record, we will be exorcising, getting out a lot of the crap that I think, personally, we have held in too much, against each other.”

On the kinds of emotions that will come out on the next SLIPKNOT CD:

Joey: “Both positive and negative. Jealousy? That doesn’t exist in this band. That is the worst emotion; it kills people. You know who fucking does that? It’s the press, and it just pisses us off. People [journalists] keep putting words in our mouth. If they want to keep doing it, keep doing it, because it’s pissing us off right now. Everyone on the outside — journalists, business manager, accountant — this album will be the worst in terms of ‘fuck you.’ ‘Iowa’ was kind of playful. This one, as far as emotions go, is going to connect with everyone way more than any of our others.”

On Crahan’s statement to Terrorizer in 2011 that he wasn’t sure if he wanted to do SLIPKNOT anymore:

Joey: “I don’t believe that at all. Plus, there isn’t any shit that needs to be ‘repaired,’ like there’s a rift between bandmembers. We all do other stuff. There are no fights. We are getting along so well right now. The feeling is like it was in 1999 when we first came out. Corey and I understand each other more than we ever have. The thing is that we have never not gotten along; it’s the fucking press that turned us against each other. In fact, I brought Corey into SLIPKNOT. Back then, no one even wanted him in the band.”

Source: www.blabbermouth.net

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