Mark Kadzielawa of 69 Faces Of Rock recently conducted an interview with vocalist/bassist David Vincent of Florida death metal veteransMORBID ANGEL. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below.

69 Faces Of Rock: So, you certainly had a lot of time to reflect on your life, and probably on what you’ve achieved with the band during your stay. When you look back, what do you think of?

Vincent: I’m actually very proud of all the accomplishments. The whole band is still together, and we’ve done a lot. And I’m proud of all that. There was a lot of hard work. It’s really forging a path, through the forest, where there was really no path. We made a path. And to that end, I think it’s a really positive thing. I feel fortunate that I’ve had the opportunity to do some of the things. Not everybody has the chance to these things. We had a very good team, you know, talented musicians, very good management, some good record companies/business relations. And that’s what it takes. It takes all of these things. We were able to make some great videos. Anything that has to do with the idea of expression, and I know, people would love to do these things. But, it costs lots and lots of money, and when you have partners that are able to open doors for you, and allow you these avenues for creativity, that’s a wonderful thing.

69 Faces Of Rock: Was there a specific event that made you want to return to MORBID ANGEL?

Vincent: You know, it was interesting. We were just gonna do a few shows. There was no plan for anything beyond that, and things just clicked. It went over really well, and I was a little floored by the response. I’ve been away from the band for a while, and it was humbling. It was a humbling experience.

69 Faces Of Rock: What approach did you take with the last record [“Illud Divinium Insanus”?

Vincent: I don’t know if it’s really approach. I mean, there’s a lot of creativity in this outfit. Trey [Azagthoth, guitar] had some really interesting new ideas, and I was like, “This feels really different and really fresh.” So, I wanted to do it, I was very much into what he was writing.

69 Faces Of Rock: The new album takes a very bold approach, but then again MORBID ANGEL is known for taking such left turns.

Vincent: I believe this! This is my belief too. Not everyone agrees, and they would probably like something that would sound like a greatest-hits record, but we have those already. That’s not any new ground.

69 Faces Of Rock: What new influences came into play this time around?

Vincent: I would say for myself, I really turned inward. For my contributions to the record, I blocked out everything, and I sort of went secluded. I would write one day, and go and do it the next. If I found myself, sort of stumbling, or if it wasn’t flowing, I’d move to something else. I would not even want to think about it, I just wanted to feel it. And, I think Trey pretty much did the same thing. He spent a lot of time just working and creating the weird things. It came out different, not all together different. We’ve always had differences in our albums, but there is just more of it on this record. We started with, as opposed to hiding it in the last couple tracks, or little interludes.

69 Faces Of Rock: Do you think the public has yet caught up to what this album is all about?

Vincent: I think it’s still growing, and people tell me this every night. Listen, there were a lot of people who, when we put out “Blessed Are The Sick” after “Altars Of Madness”, and the first song “Fall From Grace” starts with a slow riff, and immediately, everyone said, “Oh, they slowed down.” And I’m like, “The fast stuff on that album is the fastest than anything we’ve done since.” But people, they hear one moment of something, and they make up their minds based on that alone. Now the album is considered a classic. And the same thing happened when we did“Covenant” came out, and “God Of Emptiness” came out, and people were very divided about that. Again, it’s something that we can’t get away not playing; we have to play that song.

69 Faces Of Rock: Looks like everyone has their favorites, right?

Vincent: Yeah, some people tend to gravitate towards one record, and not the other. We’re just creative people. We put stuff out there, and things come and go. And it’s up to the people to decide what they think about it. At that point, my job is finished.

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