The U.K.’s Terrorrizer magazine is honoring British extreme metal record label Earache Records with a very special “Secret History Of Earache” issue.

Earache is currently celebrating 25 years of bringing extreme music to the masses, and what better way to round off the year than with a fitting tribute from the U.K.’s most extreme magazine.

Terrorizer‘s “Secret History Of Earache” looks back at Earache‘s illustrious catalogue, examining classic albums from some of the biggest names in metal, revealing long-forgotten and hidden gems, and looking ahead to the label’s new generation of talent. Also included in the magazine are exclusive new interviews with MORBID ANGELNAPALM DEATHAT THE GATES and CATHEDRAL, the true story of Earache in the words of its founder, Digby Pearson, and many photos from deep within the Earache archives. Each copy of the magazine also includes a free compilation CD featuring rare and unreleased tracks, including a brand new EVILE cover of ENTOMBED‘s classic track “Drowned”, plus the World’s Shortest Album, which clocks in at less than one-and-a-half minutes.

Earache founder/owner Digby Pearson comments: “Wow, twenty-five years of extreme metal already? Not bad for a crazy fad which most pundits — and even some of the musicians involved — gave about twenty-five days, if that. It really is a quite far-fetched tale of how a couple dozen noise-obsessed teenagers did actually leave a scar on the face of the global music scene.

“This special edition of Terrorizer is dedicated to the early fans who made it all happen, and a thank you to the unseen army of Earache staffers who toiled behind the scenes, creating the careers of the pioneering bands in the extreme metal scene. Stay heavy.”

Terrorizer publisher Miranda Yardley comments: “Terrorizer is proud to be able to have worked with Dig and Dan at Earache to produce the definitive documentary of the history of a great British label that changed the face of extreme music forever.”

Terrorizer‘s “Secret History Of Earache” will be available in shops this Thursday, November 29, and will also be available from the Terrorizer web site at