Congratulations are in order for DOWN guitarist and CROWBAR frontmanKirk Windstein who just got engaged to his girlfriend of two months,Robin Dubroc.

Windstein ended his previous relationship to a woman named Kate in early October and became romantically involved with Dubroc on October 18, according to Kirk‘s personal Facebook timeline. He wrote on October 4: “My world as I know it has been crushed… Kate doesn’t want me anymore and I’m fucking devastated. It’s not her fault, she just can’t deal with me being gone all the time. I will always love her more than any woman.” He added the next day: “I’ll say one thing… my heart has been broken for the last time. I will never trust a woman with my heart ever again!!!” A week into his new relationship, on October 22, Kirk wrote: “I spoke to Robin for at least an hour and a half!!! The most special lady I know… To all who are hurting, giving up on love etc., let Robin and I be an example… By that I mean that your true love will come around. It took 47 years for me… but it is ‘real’ and I feel it… I have not felt this good since I was a kid!!! AMAZING what the right lady can do for your soul… I love you, Robin. Thanks for being you!!!”

Windstein has a nine-year-old daughter, Haleigh, with his ex-wife,Nicole.

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