In a brand new interview, AOL‘s Noisecreep asked TWISTED SISTERfrontman Dee Snider how he feels about fellow rock icon Ted Nugent‘s recent comments about Barack Obama and gun control.

Ted‘s always been a gun-toting conservative,” Snider says. “But what gets me is that he was actually a draft dodger! I mean, to the point where he didn’t bathe for a week, and vomited on himself to deliberately avoid the draft. I totally understand why he did that, but all of these Republicans who love Ted don’t seem to know or remember that too well. It’s crazy that he’s become one of the voices of Conservative America even though he was a draft dodger. If you don’t believe me, Google it.”

Snider, who last year slammed Vice Presidential candidate Rep. Paul Ryanusing the band’s 1984 signature tune “We’re Not Gonna Take It” at a rally, says: “It’s mind-numbing how many conservative rock musicians there are now! That’s so convenient when you have a lot of money. ‘Now I have money, so I’m a Republican.’ But when they were broke, struggling musicians, they were liberal and all for sharing the wealth. It’s so convenient.”

Back in 2003, Snider sided with then-GOP candidate Arnold Schwarzenegger during the actor’s successful recall campaign against Democratic incumbent Governor Gray DavisSnider sang “We’re Not Gonna Take It” at a Schwarzenegger rally and allowed him use of the song.