Acclaimed New York City-based guitarist Kevin Hufnagel (DYSRHYTHMIA, GORGUTS, VAURA) is now offering online guitar lessons via the groundbreaking lesson web site Bandhappy. View his profile and sign up for a lesson at this location.

Says Kevin: “I am driven to help students find their own voice on the guitar, open up their imagination, and break through any creative walls they might be encountering. I also enjoy giving feedback and/or suggestions to students on their own songs or compositions, if they are in search of help or ideas. Topics can include everything from utilizing alternate tunings, capos, harmonics, open strings, bending/phrasing/vibrato, extended technique (a.k.a. prepared guitar), dynamics, dissonance, ambiance/effects, fingerpicking (classical guitar technique), building harmony parts, textures, variations on a theme… the list goes on. These will all be tools to hopefully use in your own way and help get the creative juices going.

“I love and appreciate all forms of music. So, whether you are a death metal musician, or singer/songwriter, I believe I can help open up your playing to new areas, and we can have a lot of fun while doing so.

“I am also available for session work, and guest appearances on recordings. I can come to you, or work remotely from home in my own studio. Recent sessions have included work with Jarboe (SWANS), SABBATH ASSEMBLY, Genesis Breyer P-Orridge (Psychic TV), Costanza Francavilla (Tricky), and others. Please make contact if you are interested in having me.”