KORN will reunite with founding guitarist Brian “Head” Welch for several festival shows this summer, including two dates in Germany, one concert in the United Kingdom and at the upcoming Rock On The Range festival in Columbus, Ohio.

Welch, who has just released an album with his new band LOVE & DEATH, doesn’t rule out the possibility of a full U.S. tour with KORN or a collaboration on the band’s next studio album.

“We’re not trying to tease; it’s really a sensitive thing,” he tells Loudwire in a new video interview which can be seen below. “And it’s seriously, like, we’re taking it slow. We’re getting together and we’re hanging out and we’re talking about playing shows and I’m just saying anything is possible right now. But at the same time, I haven’t been on the road with them. I think [KORN guitarist] Munky did an interview not too long ago where he was, like, ‘We’ve gotta be around each other every day.’ As far as right now, it’s all good — it’s all good — and I’ve never seen my family so positive and healthy and happy. There’s no drama, there’s no fighting, from what I’ve seen, the little I’ve been around them. And so I’d say anything is possible. We’re talking and we’ll see what happens.”

He continues: “I’d love to do LOVE & DEATH, even if [I rejoin] KORN [as a permanent member]. LOVE & DEATH is, like, my whole project to just get what’s in my soul out into words and stuff, so I’d love to do always do that, but the KORN thing, man, it’s just… I love those guys and just connecting with the fans again, it’s just like… It’s so cool to feel so welcome, you know?!

“We’re talking about a lot of stuff right now. It’s just like friends back together — that’s the main thing right now. I think it would be something that we would know, like maybe in the fall or something like that. But, again, we’re not trying to pull any tricks, we’re just going slow because it’s been so long and I’ve been busy, so we’ve just gotta get together more.”

Welch joined KORN onstage for the song “Blind” last May at the Carolina Rebellion festival in Rockingham, North Carolina, marking the first time in eight years that KORN played with Welch.

According to Welch, the feedback he has received from KORN fans thus far has been overwhelmingly positive. “Everyone is broken in this world. There’s so much divorce, hate and unforgiveness. For people to see this, I think it’s just really uplifting,” he told Rolling Stone magazine. “I never thought it would happen, and I’m not sure they did either. The fans just love it, because a lot of the fans back in the day were like, suicidal, and from broken homes and abuse. They looked up to us like their family. And to see their family split up was hard on them. To get it put back together, there is a joy around the people who care about it.”

Welch left KORN in 2005 to become a born-again Christian. The band never officially replaced him and stayed a four-piece, although they’ve used several touring guitarists for live work.

KORN has been touring for much of the past year behind its 10th studio album, “The Path Of Totality”, but has also begun work on a new set of material.

Source: www.blabbermouth.netv