POISON singer Bret Micheals was “fired” by “All-Star Celebrity Apprentice”‘s Donald Trump during Sunday night’s broadcast of the celebrity reality competition’s sixth-season premiere on NBC

Michaels was booted from the show after his “Power” team lost the season’s first task, which required “Power” and the opposing “Plan B” team to each make signature meatballs and sell them to paying charitable donors and customers at their own little meatball shops.

“I chose a team that took a big chance on [Omarosa Manigault],” Bretsaid following his ouster, according to Reality TV World. “She is an absolute manipulative villain and she got into Brande‘s head. But you know what? I’d be back here in a second. If I got asked to come back tomorrow, then I come back and fight again.”

One month after suffering a brain hemorrhage and just days after being re-admitted to the hospital for a warning stroke, Michaels won the title of“The Celebrity Apprentice” in May 2010, beating out actress Holly Robinson Peete.

Michaels recently told CBSNews.com that he was honored to be a part of the NBC show.

“It’s such an amazing addition to my life and where it’s gone,” he said.

“I think that winning ‘Apprentice’ was such an amazing amazing feeling,”Michaels added. “At the very end of ours, it came down to three people…Sharon Osbourne, myself and Holly Robinson Peete. And all three were fighting for three very personal causes. Holly‘s son with autism, Sharonfighting for colon cancer, which has affected her, and me with my diabetes… Passion supersedes everything. You can have as much arguing and fighting as you want but when people are actually fighting for a real cause close to their heart, then that makes it the best emotion to watch.”