In his autobiography, “Shut Up And Give Me The Mic”, Dee Snider of TWISTED SISTER had nothing nice to say about KROKUS, the veteran hard rockers from Switzerland. For an entire chapter, he raged about the band, calling them “Crapus” and stating, “You have no idea how close you came landing on the bottom of a lake.”

The reason for his outburst: KROKUS commissioned Snider‘s wife Suzette in 1982 to sew stage outfits for the band’s U.S. tour, but the former KROKUS tour manager refused to pay her for her services.

“These guys ripped off my wife and threatened her,” said Snider, who pointed out that his wife’s mother emigrated from Switzerland.

“I was proud of this rock band from the home country of my mother,” said Suzette. But the pride has turned into rage.

In a recent interview with “The Metal Voice” (see video below), KROKUS vocalist Marc Storace responded to Snider‘s comments, saying: “This is so childish. We gave her a chance. I mean, how do you do?! Before you buy a truckload of wine, you wanna taste a bottle. So we just wanted to have samples… to see some clothes. And our tour manager, L.D., he sent off the sizes and… I can’t even remember the details; it’s ridiculous. In the end, she came with the stuff, we tried it on, and it looked horrible. I’m sorry. I mean, I’m sorry. And they got so offended, and it was such a great insult to them. And they wanted their money. And L.D. said, ‘Hey, we’re not buying. Keep the clothes. Sorry. No deal.'”

KROKUS bassist/producer Chris Von Rohr recently recalled: “The clothes did not match at all our expectations. Too much harlequin style. So we made a bonfire of it.”

Many years have passed and KROKUS are older and wiser. “If we have not treated his wife with due respect, we are sorry,” Von Rohr said.

Von Rohr proposed to Dee and his wife to bury the hatchet and drink a beer or two together at a festival this year where both bands will perform in reconciliation of an event that happened over 30 years ago.

Swiss newspaper Blick reached Snider by phone and submitted KROKUS‘ peace offer. “If they are serious, I think it’s a nice gesture,” said Snider. “But I have to ask my wife first if she is ready to forgive KROKUS.”