Greek guitarist Gus G. (FIREWINDOZZY OSBOURNE) will join legendary singer Jeff Scott Soto (TALISMANJOURNEYYNGWIE MALMSTEEN) on stage on April 25 at the Eightball club in Thessaloniki, Greece. Soto says: “Gus and I are also collaborating on each other’s upcoming solo albums, my favorite kind of bartering.”

Hillock Productions recently announced the imminent launch of the long-awaited biography of Jeff Scott Soto, entitled “Stand Up And Shout… The Story Of A Rock Star”. This authorized biography, by Frank Tunney, takes the reader through Jeff‘s early years right up to the present day ahead of his forthcoming European tour.

“Stand Up And Shout… The Story Of A Rock Star” follows Jeff‘s career — from his first college band through to W.E.T. and the TRANS-SIBERIAN ORCHESTRA. Running to over 400 pages, the book is filled with facts and anecdotes and is illustrated with more than 120 pictures, many of which are from Jeff‘s own extensive archive. These include track listings; cover art and a comprehensive, up-to-date discography/videography, together with many quotes from Jeff, his fellow musicians and backstage team.

The first 100 copies will be available during Jeff‘s 2013 tour as a limited advance edition of the “book” on a USB card — ahead of the official publication, which will be in Kindle, iBook and eBook formats, as well a digitally printed version on Amazon‘s Create Space platform.