Source: Blabbermouth

On May 29, Chad Doing, host of the “Flight 750” radio show on Sports 750 The Gameconducted an interview with original AC/DC vocalist Dave Evans.

On how AC/DC got started:

Evans: “I’d been in a band earlier called VELVET UNDERGROUND (not to be confused with Lou Reed‘s group)… We broke up eventually and I was without a band so I put an ad in the Sydney Morning Herald, for an ad looking for a singer that sang THE ROLLING STONES and FREE and all that kind of thing, which I was into, and it happened to be [AC/DCguitarist] Malcolm Young on the end of that line… He was putting a band together and he’d heard of me and, of course, I’d heard of him. He asked me to come over that afternoon to Newtown, a suburb of Sydney, to have a jam with Colin Burgess on drums and another guy, Larry Van Kriedt. So I arrived there and we jammed and they all shook hands and we all shook hands and I was in the band.”

On why he eventually left AC/DC:

Evans: “When our single (‘Can I Sit Next to You Girl?’) was released, we had our third bass player, third drummer, and third manager. And I didn’t get on with those guys. I didn’t know them. They were from Melbourne, we were a Sydney band. And it was morphing into something I didn’t like. The songs were fantastic. The hit record we had was fantastic. The shows were great and all that kind of stuff. But I wasn’t getting on with any of them. And those times, Malcolm Young was getting very jealous all the time because I just happened to be popular with the girls andMalcolm didn’t have a girlfriend. So he was very jealous. So Malcolm and I sort of fell out because of that. And then the manager, we all thought he was doing the wrong thing by us as far as money was concerned because we were doing a lot of shows — major shows in Australia; sometimes two or three shows an evening — and we were absolutely flat broke. We were pooling our money together to buy hamburgers and French fries… So I left the band.”

Evans was a member of AC/DC from the band’s inception in 1973 until 1974. Following his departure from AC/DCDave Evans formed the wild hedonistic rock band RABBIT, Melbourne ’80s rock outfit DAVE EVANS AND THUNDER DOWN UNDER, and lastly DAVE EVANS AND HOT COCKERELDave Evans has also toured as a solo act, and in 2008 released “Judgement Day” through MGM.