Zakk Wylde

Source: Blabbermouth

In a brand new interview with Under The Gun ReviewZakk Wylde(BLACK LABEL SOCIETYOZZY OSBOURNE) was asked to weigh in on the recent arrest of AS I LAY DYING frontman Tim Lambesis on suspicion of solicitation to commit murder for allegedly hiring someone to kill Tim‘s estranged wife.

“We did gigs with those guys [AS I LAY DYING] out on Ozzfest,” Zakksaid.

“That’s just a massive, massive mess over there.

“It’s just like any of our friends. If any of our buddies were gonna do something like that, we’d be like, ‘What are you talking about, man?!’ I get it if he’s pissed off, saying, ‘I swear to God I want to rip her fucking head off,’ but that’s okay, you can dump your feelings out, go to the bar and get tanked and spill your guts, but you’re not fucking killing anyone, dude. Let’s just chalk it up as a loss. See what happened to OJ [Simpson], so why would you want to go there? She’s gonna get the fucking house, she’s gonna take half the money. Now, as your managers, we’re gonna be booking AS I LAY DYING till the fucking cow comes home. The band is doing great, you’re gonna be fine and you just keep moving forward.

“Think about it: one fucking dumb decision like that, and his life is over, dude. And the band was doing really well; he had everything to be thankful for. Everything was kicking ass. Yeah, this was a hiccup, it’s a road bump, I get it. I understand him being pissed, but you’re not killing anyone. You can’t go there. Just like a manager says, ‘You can’t be knocking people out in bars.’ That’s why you have security guards. It’s dumb, dumb, stupid shit.

“What a waste. Even if he wasn’t in a band, if he just worked at a construction job, I understand him talking about it. It’s fine and dandy — you can say that all day long — but you’re not getting a fucking gun and blowing her brains out. I understand him getting it out of his system, but like I said, once we get back out of that bar, we move forward. That’s the only way to do it — you’ve got to move forward.”