BLACK SABBATH was honored with a Grammy in the “Best Hard Rock/Metal Performance” category in the pre-telecast ceremony at the 56th annual Grammy Awards on January 26 at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. BLACK SABBATH was nominated for the track “God Is Dead?”, from the band’s 2013 comeback album “13”BLACK SABBATH‘s “God Is Dead?” also picked up a nomination in the “Best Rock Song” category. In addition, “13” earned a nod for “Best Rock Album”, alongside LED ZEPPELIN‘s “Celebration Day” and QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE‘s “…Like Clockwork”, among others.

In a posting on his official web site, BLACK SABBATH guitarist Tony Iommi writes: “Well, the dust has settled on the Grammys now. [It was] great to win another one, but what a palaver. As the East Coast is three hours ahead, the televised part begins at 5 p.m. so you’re leaving the hotel at lunchtime, all dolled up and ready for the red carpet! It was good, though. [There was] plenty of interest in the album still and endless questions about what we’re doing next. Well, it’s shows in the U.S., Canada and Europe, so far too busy with that to be thinking about more recording.”

Speaking to the press backstage at the Grammy AwardsBLACK SABBATH singer Ozzy Osbourne stated about the possibility of the band recording another studio album, “We’re going back on the road. We haven’t really spoken about it beyond that. I’m down for it.”

“Absolutely,” added Iommi.

Iommi said in a recent interview that he was not sure if making a follow-up to “13” would be a good idea for the group. Iommi said in Revolver magazine, “I don’t know if that would be an anticlimax if we wrote another album. I’d like to, but we haven’t actually spoken about it, you know? I don’t know if that would be a good idea after this one, because this one’s done so well. I’m sure we’d all like to do one. But I don’t know. Maybe I should talk to the others about it.”

Bassist Geezer Butler added, “I really haven’t thought about it. I’m just glad that we made this one. It can’t be something where you go in and go, ‘Well, that one was No. 1, so let’s do another No. 1 album.’ I think we’ll know if we can do it or if we can’t. If we have to force it, then we won’t be doing it.”

“13”, the first SABBATH album in 35 years to feature Iommi, Butler and singer Ozzy Osbourne recording together, went No. 1 around the world, earning the band their first chart-topper ever in the U.S.

According to The Pulse Of RadioOzzy said about the prospects of making another record, “I don’t want to say there’s going to be another album, because I don’t want you to ask me in another year, ‘What happened when you said you were going to do another record?’ I’ll leave it open. I’m open for anything. I have three albums to deliver of my own solo thing to my record label.”

Ozzy added, “We’ll all still be doing music. It’s been a lot of fun doing it with BLACK SABBATH, and I’m not sorry at all for getting back together.”

The making of “13” was marked by several dramatic events, including drummer Bill Ward‘s withdrawal from the project over a contractual dispute and Iommi‘s cancer diagnosis.

Butler told Revolver that he started writing a song for “13”, called “Hanging By A Thread”, that was inspired by Iommi‘s illness. He explained, “It was very much about dying, about giving your last breath and passing your spirit on.” But the track didn’t make it onto the album because, Butler said, “We never came up with the finished thing.”

BLACK SABBATH will return to North America this spring for 10 shows that will be among the last in support of “13”.