There appears to be some progress on the making of the long-awaited new TOOL album. According to The Pulse Of Radio, the band revealed via a post at its Facebook page that guitarist Adam Jones came up with an ending for one of the band’s new songs that all four members were happy with.

The full message read, “Starting the New Year off on a positive note, Adam arrives at the loft with an ending for a new TOOL arrangement and gets the nod of approval by the others. As long as they don’t start with the ending, that’s good news!”

That doesn’t mean, however, that the band is ready to record yet — just that an ending for an arrangement was finished. It is unclear how many other arrangements or songs are completed.

It’s been nine years since TOOL released its last album, 2006’s “10,000 Days”, although apparently the quartet have spent a good chunk of the past year finally getting down to business.

Jones revealed last July that lawsuits involving a former friend of the band and an insurance company had been putting a drag on the group both creatively and financially since 2007.

The ex-friend claimed that he was owed money for artwork he had given the group, while the insurance firm — which was supposed to protect the band against such claims — sued the band for “technicalities” regarding the case.