Having only listened to the new FAITH NO MORE album, Sol Invictus, for under a week, I can safely say this one’s a keeper. Some songs are still growing on me, but others are up there with the band’s past catalogue for sure.  I was hoping the band would be pulling out some new ones ontheir upcoming sold out club tour, and it looks like that might be the case.

The band’s tour is underway and they were in Vancouver last night and managed to play two new tracks live,  the title track “Sol Invictus” and the closing track “From The Dead.” Here’s some decent quality footage of it:

The band also performed two other new tracks, which we’ve already heard, and those are “Mother Fucker” and

Both tracks are good, but they aren’t even my favorites. Early favorites for me are “Sunny Side Up” and “Matador.” Turns out they’ve played these tracks live as well (but I can’t find video of Sunny Side Up).

And, I guess if you’re reading this, you probably wouldn’t mind seeing setlist spoilers, so here they are:

  1. “Motherfucker”
  2. “Land of Sunshine”
  3. “Caffeine”
  4. “Ricochet”
  5. “Evidence”
  6. “Epic”
  7. “Sunny Side Up”
  8. “Get Out”
  9. “Midlife Crisis”
  10. “Last Cup of Sorrow”
  11. “The Gentle Art of Making Enemies”
  12. “Easy” (Commodores cover)
  13. “Cuckoo for Caca”
  14. “King for a Day”
  15. “Ashes to Ashes”
  16. “Superhero”
  17. “Sol Invictus”
  18. “We Care a Lot”
  19. “Digging the Grave”
  20. “From the Dead”

Faith No More recently announced an area tour for the summer with Refused as well. Get those dates here.