FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH‘s new single, “Jekyll And Hyde”, arrived at rock radio stations on Monday morning (June 15) and can now be streamed at The track, which is also available below, is taken from the band’s upcoming sixth studio album, “Got Your Six”. Drummer Jeremy Spencer told The Pulse Of Radio that the tune clicked immediately for the band. “You know what, I think it’s really a different groove for us,” he said. “It’s something that people are gonna go, ‘Man, it sounds like DEATH PUNCH but it’s really different for them.’ So I’m excited to get it released. As soon as we heard it, we knew that that had to be the first single, ’cause it just kind of leapt out at us, you know.”

“Got Your Six” will arrive on August 28.

FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH guitarist Jason Hook told about“Jekyll And Hyde”: “It’s an interesting song, because Ivan [Moody, vocals] left me a voicemail in the middle of the night, and I woke up the next morning and I took his voicemail and I made it into a song — not realizing that it would be used. I just thought, ‘Hey, what about this thing?’ Everyone loved it. We, actually, left the voicemail as part of the verse. Like, that’s… organic from… it’s actual audio from his voicemail. And we included the voicemail on the record at the very end, so you can hear the voicemail in its entirety. It’s pretty cool.”

FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH guitarist Zoltan Bathory recently told Revolver magazine that“Jekyll And Hyde” was one of his favorite songs on “Got Your Six” “just because it’s so bizarre.” He said: “That one has a funny story. Ivan doesn’t sleep at night, so it’s pretty often that he’ll call one of us at four or five in the morning and leave crazy messages on our phones. And what happened was, Jason was going through his voicemail and found dozens and dozens of these messages from Ivan. So he copied them onto a hard drive and then we pulled out different words and sentences and put them together. And that’s the verses of the song. They’re taken directly from Jason‘s phone. It’s one of my favorite songs on the record, just because it’s so bizarre.”

Regarding the musical direction of the new FIVE FINGER material, Bathory said: “So far, it’s a harder, faster record. We don’t have a slow song and I don’t think we’re gonna write one. So it’s just a higher-energy effort.” He believes that the music has has picked up pace “because when we started to write this time, everybody was in a really good mood. The band has always been a well-oiled machine, but this is one time where we felt, ‘Wow, everyone has grown up in some way as a musician.’ We also stopped all the partying and the crazy shit and were really focused and sober. And because of that, this record has been probably the most fun one to make. It also maybe contributed to everything being more up-tempo and energetic.”

FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH released its last effort, “The Wrong Side Of Heaven And The Righteous Side Of Hell”, in two parts, with the first arriving in July 2013 and the second following in November 2013.

The band will head out on a co-headlining fall tour with PAPA ROACH. The trek kicks off on September 4 in Lexington, Kentucky, winding down on October 9 in Glen Falls, New York. Also along will be IN THIS MOMENT and FROM ASHES TO NEW.

The two headliners actively involved their fans in the routing of the tour by giving them the opportunity to request the tour come to their city via a “demand campaign.” Some 1.5 million people responded and made their choices known.