MOTÖRHEAD has been forced to cancel tonight’s (Friday, November 27) sold-out concert in Berlin, Germany after the band’s guitarist, Phil Campbell, “suddenly required hospitalization.” The group explained in a statement: “He will be better soon but there is no choice other than to cancel our show in Berlin. We all wish Phil a speedy recovery.”

MOTÖRHEAD is scheduled to play Hamburg, Germany’ Sporthalle on Saturday (November 28).

The band canceled several shows in the U.S. in September while mainman Lemmy battled health issues.

MOTÖRHEAD‘s 22nd studio album, “Bad Magic”, was released on August 28. The CD was recorded at NRG Studios with longtime producer Cameron Webb.

Campbell recently told VH1 about the recording process for “Bad Magic”: “Instead of going to rehearsals and putting it down on CD and then leaving it for six weeks, we went into the recording studio and as soon as we came up with something good, it was down there. And if one of us wanted to do something, we could just build on it straight away. It stayed fresh, so the momentum was there. It wasn’t, like, ‘Aww, there’s that fuckin’ song from two months ago.’ Some of it, we took stuff off, others we added stuff. I really think that’s the best way to work, I definitely want to do it again. It was probably cheaper for us as well. I don’t know. Maybe not!”

Regarding QUEEN guitarist Brian May‘s guest appearance on the song “The Devil”, Campbell said: “I pestered him for two years. I’ve been pestering him for many years to play with us. He’s always been too busy. He’s one of the busiest guys I know, with his animal rights campaigns and everything. He’s such a nice guy. So I ground him down and finally said, ‘I won’t pester you again for at least two years.’ So I sent him the track I had in mind, and luckily he thought it was fantastic. So he went to his own studio and did a couple of bits. I jumped for joy when it was all signed, sealed and delivered. The guy’s amazing, a real sweetheart. I’m really pleased with that.”