MOTÖRHEAD has been forced to cancel the second consective concert — this time Saturday night (November 28) in Hamburg, Germany — after the band’s guitarist, Phil Campbell, became ill and required hospitalization.

Earlier today, the band tweeted: “Hamburg show is off today, rescheduled to December 9 at Sporthalle. See you all there. Thank you for all the well wishes for @MotorheadPhil.”

MOTÖRHEAD canceled several shows in the U.S. in September while mainman Lemmy battled health issues.

Asked in a 2012 interview if he has ever considered making a solo album, Phil responded: “Yes, I have thought about it a lot. But I shelved it a couple years ago, because I’ve decided that I want to write a book about all the insane things that happen on tour. So, I’m trying to compile all of those stories and funny situations. So, at this point, I’m working on that. But, I’m a bit lazy, so it’s taken a while. But as far as a solo record, I do have a studio at home, it’s just hard finding the time. With Motorhead, we’ve been working so hard, for so long.”

Regarding whether there is anything that he would still like to accomplish as a member of MOTÖRHEAD, Phil said:” I’ve accomplished way more than I ever thought that I could when I was a young kid learning the guitar. We get great crowds every night, we’ve played some amazing concerts and places. It’s nice that I got a Grammy Award, even if it wasn’t for our own song. But we still got one, and I thought I would never have one of those on my mantle piece, along with several other awards. So, there’s really nothing else that I desire to accomplish. But I think that our greatest accomplishment really is the fact that we are still going, and stronger than ever. I’ve been with Lemmy for [more than 30] years, so that’s the main accomplishment, and we’ve done it with maintaining our dignity, and we still have a bit of sanity left. And people are still enjoying going to the shows. So, that’s really our greatest achievement, when looking back on it. And just playing a good gig is satisfying to me, and just keeping it going.”