Αustralian extreme metallers THY ART IS MURDER were rejoined by their former singer CJ McMahon earlier tonight (Saturday, January 14) on stage at the Unify festival in Tarwin Meadows, South Gippsland, Victoria, Australia.

Addressing the crowd at the show, McMahon said that he “was a drug addict” who “got married and did some fucking soul searching” during his twelve-month break from the band. He went on to say (see video below): “Now I’m back to take over the world.”

When his departure from THY ART IS MURDER was first announced back in December 2015, McMahon explained that touring had “taken a massive mental, emotional and physical toll” on him. He added: “One of the biggest reasons is money. We have been broke for years, and being 32 years old, I can’t live like this anymore.”

CJ said at the time that each member of THY ART IS MURDER only earned between $16,000 and $18,000 a year. “I feel there is something massively wrong with this,” he said. “I will not live like this anymore.”

In their own statement, THY ART IS MURDER said at the time that McMahon‘s decision had come after “much conjecture and ambiguity” and that it was “unfortunate that, with our best year to date and our biggest paved out before us, that he has decided to leave.”

But they continued: “Touring as hard as we do does take its toll on you physically — but more importantly mentally and emotionally.

“We have been so fortunate over the last two years to carve out a small income thanks to so dedicated and generous fans around the world.

“For some people, it comes to a point where that income is no longer enough for their personal goals, and that point has come for CJ.

THY ART is what we have done with all of our adult lives and we have put absolutely everything we have into the band. Unfortunately, not everyone can share this fire.”

In the past twelve months, THY ART IS MURDER toured the world with the help of several guest singers, including MOLOTOV SOLUTION‘s Nick Arthur, BLIND ORACLE‘s Brodie Paul, Monte Barnard (THE KENNEDY VEIL, ALTERBEAST) and “The Racket” host/ex-COLOSSVS vocalist Lochlan Watt.

THY ART IS MURDER‘s third album, “Holy War”, entered the official Australian Recording Industry Association (ARIA) chart at position No. 7 — the highest-ever position for an Australian extreme metal act. The Sydney-based band has generated controversy for the strong anti-religious stance of the title track’s video, as well as the album cover which features references to a suicide bomber.

“Holy War” was released in Australia via UNFD and in other parts of the world through Nuclear Blast.