According to, thirteen people were injured when a truck crashed into a tour bus carrying THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN.

The band was on its way to a concert in Krakow, Poland when the incident occurred.

None of the musicians were seriously hurt, a police spokeswoman said, but they were taken to hospital for further tests.

THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN‘s tour bus was parked partly on the road and hard shoulder at the time of the crash.

The band’s concert in Krakow on Sunday has been canceled as a result of the incident.

Earlier today, the venue Kwadrat in Krakow where tonight’s concert was slated to take place released the following statement: “We regrettably inform that due to unexpected circumstances, today’s THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN show in Krakow will not take place.

“At the moment, we are not able to inform you whether the show will get rescheduled and how the ticket purchaser should proceed, but we will release this info as soon as only possible.”

It is not presently clear if the rest of the THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN‘s tour will be affected.

They are next scheduled to play in Leipzig, Germany on Tuesday.

The New Jersey outfit recently announced it will go on indefinite hiatus following the tour cycle for its sixth album, “Dissociation”, which came out in October via guitarist Ben Weinman‘s Party Smasher Inc. label.

Weinman said that the sheer intensity of THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN‘s live shows wasn’t a contributing factor in the band’s decision to call it quits. “It’s probably a fact that we couldn’t do it when we’re 60, but we’re not stopping right now because we feel incapable, that’s for sure,” he told Noisey. “There’s a reality that eventually, the type of show that we’re doing wouldn’t be realistic — I’m pretty much falling apart at the limbs at this point — but it doesn’t matter, because when we play, we play. The rest of the world and anything else going on in our lives doesn’t exist. I think that’s what I’ll miss the most, those moments. But there isn’t any time in the very near future where we feel like we couldn’t do this; we still feel excitement from it and still get that catharsis when we play because it’s uninhibited free expression. But one of the reasons to stop now is because it’s great to still feel that way and control our destiny.”