Arkenstone, Silent Rage, Rain, Days Of Reunion, Layil
An Club, Athens, Greece

The doors open and a few people are getting inside.

At 20:05, the first band Layil showed themselves on stage! Five ambitious and teenage amateurs from Piraeus, influenced by many different kinds of music trying to create their own style. As I was observing the audience while they were playing, I didn’t see any enthusiasm in their eyes. It was more like ok these kids play for their fun and that’s all. Nothing more to see or listen to.

The same thing happened with the next band, named Days of Reunion. Playing in Psychedelic – Visual rhythms, they didn’t manage to move the less than a hundred at that time – members of the audience.

Until Rain made the big change in our mood. It’s a very promising progressive metal group from Thessaloniki. They presented their songs with peculiar dynamism, I must say. Songs that won fame from their album were: Reign of Dreams, Room, Blackest Eyes and a surprising cover from Savatage: Damien!

Time: 22:00 and The Silent Rage from Korydallos get on stage, filling An Club with their power heavy metal music! A very good impression was left by the songs entitled “Leading The Legions” and “Litany Of Imprisoned Souls”. The crowd was on fire and there finally was some head banging!

Things got hotter when Arkenstone from Heraklio Crete showed themselves! Their professionalism was praiseworthy. It is worth mentioning that they worked in the past with big names like Rotting Christ and Septic Flesh. The audience including myself-was so excited with their hardcore music! Their songs: “Dead Human Resource” and “Psychopath’s Salvation” are already in my favorites list. The highlights of the show were the covers “Seasons In The Abyss” and “Attitude”, by Slayer and Sepultura respectively.

Last ones for the event was Agnosia , a large group from Piraeus. They presented with particular excitement their new work that contains dynamic songs, especially “Another Promise” and “A Drift Into Lie”. The covers they played in which the singer did his best with great results were from Deep Purple, Black Sabbath and Savatage.

The big minus of the night was the sound. The singers of the bands had to face the bad acoustic of their mics and they expressed their complaints many times to the organizers of the event, not with much success however.

After the show, I heard many opinions from friends and band members. The main conclusion is that the live wasn’t bad. The audience and the all the bands had fun. So, we left An Club with the hope that next time we will enjoy the show even more in better sound conditions.

Report: Efi “Burton” Papamihali.
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