Therion , Loch Vostok , Leprous
Block 33, Thessaloniki, Greece

It is always a life experience to watch Therion performing live. That was always the quote I heard from my friend’s lips about a live gig of Therion. And at last after a lot of years following the steps of Christofer Johnsson it was my turn to witness the symphonic storm of the “Mega Therion”. Unfortunately I couldn’t make it right on time due to some job obligations and because of this I did not see either Loch Vostok or Leprous. It is really ashamed of me so I would like to have your understanding.

Anyway it was a few minutes to 9 when I arrived at the club and surprisingly see a lot of people inside. Everyone knows about this economy crisis and the s**t Greek people is being through yet the venue was almost full. And this is because metalheads are really dedicated to their music, something that even Mr. Johnsson had stated before the ending of the show. And there I was looking at the stage wondering how eight individuals could fit up there. My question soon came to an end as the lights went out and the first notes of a symphonic introduction travelled through the space out of the speakers. With the first glance at all eight of them performing “Sitra Atra” chills went through my spine.

How could not be thrilled when I was watching not just the “Mega Therion” but also Snowy Shaw and Waldemar Sorychta? I must point out the customs of the band and especially of Mr. Johnsson. They were the same as the photo session of their latest album and it suited perfect to the theatrical movements of all four singers. Of course the most attention was on Christofer Johnsson whose outfit with the tall hat and the round sun glasses made him look like Gary Oldman on “Dracula” except from the long hair which he has obviously cut. Their overall stage performance in all was excellent without any flaws. And I must admit the sound was outstanding, something that it’s not usual in all concerts here in Greece. The voices of the singers with the musical orchestration and the samples of the symphonic parts were in the right volume and your ear could hear them all clear. And the voices were really something that made me more thrilled and were holding together unexpectedly beautiful. The features of the singers were great – not surprisingly. With all kind from classical to metal those guys and girls had the choirs to do so.

The show begun with the introduction of “Sitra Atra” and Therion had travelled us with their music about two hours from the stars of “Sirius B” and “Kali Yuga:” through the great depths of “Lemuria”. They attempt to lull us with the Kabbalic “Perennial Sophia” and yet with great force they strike us as the great dragon beast “Typhon”. The tour was introducing us to their latest release “Sitra Atra”, so they put their masks on to present us the jester of hell or if you like “Hellequin”. And then they gathered the black men of Pan and Hecate for an “Unguentum Sabbati”. But they didn’t forget to welcome us to the “Secrets of the Runes” and enchant us with flute of the “Siren of the Woods”. One of the special moments of the gig was when Thomas Vikstrom played a few notes from “Zormpas the Greek”. I must not forget to mention the attempt to play the “Dies Irae” of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart that was stunning and fit well their music.

The concert and the great theatrical show of Therion was getting to an end. Yet the encore was there to write the epilogue with the Enochian “Rise of Sodom and Gomorrah” and the righteous way to end the evening with the Greek – as Mr. Johnsson said – “To Mega Therion”. Unfortunately “Lepaca Kliffoth” or any songs from this era were on the track list yet the show didn’t let us down at any time.

Till next time the world will burn by Sorath’s flame and through the solar sign proclaim to mega Therion we shall all ride…

You can check out more live photos of the show here.

Report: Kostas Triantafilidis.
Photos: Louis Konstantinou photography.