Steve Vai // Fuzz Club, Athens, Greece // 06.11.12

It has been a great expectation for me to see Steve Vai in concert for many years. Undoubtedly judging from live discs, videos, dvd’s you can hear that the Vai experience is one of the kind but it surely can’t be compared with actually being present at a show. Now with a new album released (The Story Of Light in August 2012) the whole package was more than tempting and I wouldn’t miss the chance to go. But let’s cut to the chase.

After a delay of approximately 40 minutes the first hissing sounds of the Ibanez came to our ears. Steve came out spinning around in a western outfit and all his extravaganza show familiar to him. After a minute of posing for the audience the notes start to hit the crowd. The two opening tracks were from his latest album, a fresh breeze combined with speed heavy rhythmic, very up to date and modern with of course the Vai touch. Of course the whole concert was based on the new album but songs like Tender Serrender, Building The Church or The Ultra Zone were the highlighted moments. Especially with For The Love Of God everyone had definitely every hair on their heads up!

A Steve Vai concert is a unique musical experience. Melodies are combined perfectly resulting into inspiring and innovating songs based more on the feeling and the essence of music, beyond any techniques. To achieve it of course you must be surrounded by artist up to this task and Vai always have the right people for this job. Dave Weiner creating the guitar structure behind Vai, Philip Bynoe with an astonishing groove on a bass, Deborah Henson-Conant beautifully dressing the song with harp play and a massively heavy drum performance on the drums by Jeremy Colson. Each of them playing solo parts in the show (while Steve was changing clothes!). The spine of a succesful concert.

Steve Vai was clearly enjoying being on stage, and that’s what you admire and enjoy on a show. Funny and entertaining, he gave me the impression I was an a close friend gig, rather than a well-known guitar virtuoso. The only minus I can give to the whole was the place it took part. Unfortunately you could notice an important loss in the sound at some moments which I have noticed in the past with other gigs in the same place. better choice next time. But for the love of God you paid 30 euros and got a two hours and a half amazing show and musical travel, what more could you ask?

Report: Logan Chevet