Firewind // Kyttaro Club, Athens, Greece // 20.12.12

Thursday evening, and despite the transport strike, I saw lots of people waiting outside Kyttaro club . The door opened a little earlier than 8 o’clock and the people were waiting patiently for the gig to start. Although there was no easy way to move in Athens, the place was full. Of course everybody knew we would see a special live with pretty good set list which does not appear in all major lives of Firewind. Around 10 o’clock the lights go out and the intro of ”Black Sabbath” sounds in our ears  and after five minutes the band appears on stage with a very good sound, the fans act like crazy and it already seems we’re going to have a great time. the set list was told to be different for the two days with the band trying to balance the tracks celebrating their ten year history. I really had the luck to witness a set list with songs that from the first period of Firewind and other more recent ones.

They started with ”The Ark Of Lies” and played some old and some new tracks like ”Few Against Many”, or the old ”Brother’s Keeper” and ‘‘The Warrior”, to be followed by ”The Fire And The Fury”, a guitar solo and a keyboard solo, continued their set list with ”Angels Forgive Me” and ”Tyranny”. They did  the course in a small break and went back to the outro which you can say that it was this that caught the attention of all of us, onward with ”Into The Fire’‘ and ”Breaking The Silence” where the female vocals were done by a girl with a very good voice and they went on to play a Judas Priest cover with the classic ”Breaking The Law” and finally the most beloved ”Falling To Pieces”. Closing the gig they thanked  the crowd and told us that they had these gigs in Greece videotaped for an upcoming dvd. I had many years to see in Firewind such enthusiasm and with such a good set of tracks, which were really enjoyed by the fans.

Report: Marios Arkoulis