Sleepstream, Their Methlab  // Eightball Live Stage, Thessaloniki, Greece // 11.04.13

Thursday april 11th and it was time for a post night. The night belonged to the great greek act from Thessaloniki Sleepstream who have released one album “A Waltz With The Seventh Crane” in 2011. The support act was another Greek band from Ioannina called Their Methlab.

So for all those who like post rock in combination of the really cheap ticket (5E) it was a good oportunity to spent their evening with some great tunes and some beers.

When I arrived at 10 o’clock Their Methlab were already playing their second song. The club wasn’t excaxtly full, approximately 80 people. Their Methlab lineup was the classic “rock trio” bass-guitar-drums. As it is known for the most post-rock bands, it is music without vocals. That what i noticed almost immediately was the suprisingely good sound, i say this because this specific club has often problems with the sound. Anyway, the band were creating cool atmospheres, especially when the guitarist was using very clever the wha-wha effect. What I liked was the suddenly outburst of the drummer which created nice changes in the songs. The whole style and compositions of the band reminded me a lot of one of the post-rock giants Maybeshewill The band played about 40-45 minutes till 22.45. Their Methlab played 4 songs from their cd and 2 yet unnamed songs from their upcoming release. Very pleaseant compositions and performing.

We waited about 10-15 minuted till Sleepstream till they set up their equipment. Sleepstream are a quite different band and have a different sound than Their Methlab as they have except the 2 guitars-bass-drums also a violin and a cello. Again a pretty good sound sometimes the violin and cello got lost over the distortion of the guitars and the drums but fortunately this didnt happend often. Τhe band played some old songs and quite a few from the new record which will be recorded pretty soon. Dynamic playing supported but epic sad and atmospheric melodies on violin and cello. What I liked about the new songs is that the band got away from the post-rock and went more to a post-metal style. More dynamic songs. The band played about one and a half hour.

After all it was a pleaseant evening and I think everyone who went to the concert had a great time! Can’t wait to hear more from this two bands, very promising!

Their Methlab playlist:
1. Music To Lure Pidgeons By
2. When All Disposed
3. Predictions? Pain
4. Golden Bond Of Ambition
5. Unknown Track 1
6. Unknown Track 2

Sleepstream playlist:
01. New1
02. New2
03. New3
04. A Waltz with the seventh crane
05. The Spirit
06. New4
07. New5
08. You gave me butterflies i gave you loss
09. The Light
10. New6
11. New7

Report: Pascal Skoufos