Potergeist, Lucky Funeral, 3Fold Pain // Stage Volume 1, Athens, Greece // 07.06.2014

Saturday night was a very special night. Like other children of the night, we were summoned by the Swampires, or Potergeist as they are best known, to celebrate their 10 years of existence. And on this special occasion,3 FOLD PAIN - SOFIA THEODOROU (11) Lucky Funeral and 3Fold Pain wre to join us, in a night full of groovy vibes. Needless to say that the entrance to werewolves was striclty prohibited!!

The party was to start at 21:00, but upon entering Stage Volume 1 at that time, I faced the classic by now situation; so, so few people. It is the curse that the opening act has to suffer. The first in line, 3Fold Pain, took the stage after 20 minutes.This Athenian band has managed to create a good image over the past 4 years. Never having the chance to see them live before, I quite liked what I saw. A tight, energetic group, eager to showcase its work and a frontman with an amazing voice, that made certain that the energy of the band reached us! We had a taste from their debut self-titled full-length, with the highlight being “Feel My Hate“. Unfortunately, time was running short, so a cover was left out of the setlist. But nevermind; I’d certainly like to see them again and in front of a bigger crowd if you please.

At 22:15, Lucky Funeral were in place and I shouldn’t have to say much about them. This band is literally a force when it comes to live shows. More people arrived, the sound had improved, so the mix was a killer. For the next 45 minutes, we had the pleasure to listen to “Find Your Soul In Beautiful Lunatics“, their last LUCKY FUNERAL - SOFIA THEODOROU (17)album, in its entirety. The awesome moment was when they played “Tantalus Is Still Alive”, while the video “Man” by Steve Cutts was projected in the back. The band was in great shape, joking around and having good fun, as did the crowd that had gathered to see them. And I don’t think that I will be far off if I say that some had come exclusively for these guys. For the end of their show, they saved the classics “Stay Away” and “Lucky Funeral”. Till next time guys!

So, after that and with the curtains closed we had to wait for the vampires of the swamp. By 23:30 everything was ready, the curtain lifted and we welcomed Potergeist. Nikos, Stratal, Tolis, Pluto and Alex S. took tha stage and paid a great tribute to their 10th anniversary. Starting off with “Muddy Mermaids”, the quintet set the pace for the rest of the night and had us headbanging to their southern tunes. “Southwards”, “Muddy Mermaids” and “Swampires”, all had their share. Pluto and Tolis on the rhythm section built a solid wall of sound and Nikos and Stratal hit us with their riffs nonstop. As for Alex, he might not have his fangs on, but his vocals were powerful and ferocious. “Swampire”, “Race You to Your Grave”, “King’s Army”, “Forgiven” and “Every Time I Break” continued to challenge our necks. The first surprise of the night followed in the form of a cover. And yes, itPOTERGEIST - SOFIA THEODOROU (6) is “Surf Nicaragua” of Sacred Reich and time for some more headbanging! On top of that came the second surprise. And what a surprise for the boys in the house! “Because of the “Southern Crown” video, some have accused us of being assholes and sell-outs. So, to prove them right we have two special guests with us.” The girls that came on stage and danced with “Southern Crown”, “Loves Martyr” and “Rivers and Oceans” added an extra spicy note to the show and received a really warm applause for that! After an hour and a half, I have to say only one thing. During the whole set of Potergeist, we read on the back wall “No talent, no good for nothing, just swamp metal terror” with which I strongly disagree, cause the talent in Potergeist is great!

It was 01:00, when the live ended with the Happy Birthday song again and again and again! It was an amazing night and the standards are set pretty high. And I don’t believe that Potergeist left anyone unbit. I know I’m not! In Swampires we trust!

Report: Stella Papaspyropoulou
Photos: Sofia Theodorou


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