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Neurosis, Universe 217, Agnes Vein // Fuzz Club, Athens, Greece // 04.07.2014

I waited for around five years (since I started listening to Neurosis) for the band to come in Greece for a show. That’s the main reason I got so excited when I first found out about their programmed concert in Athens for the very first time. Knowing it is a show that no one should miss, I got prepared for getting lost DSC_7473into the deep, dark music of Neurosis. The band will be companied with Universe217 and Agnes Vein, two of the most promising Greek bands in the sludge metal and post metal scene.

A great number of people came by the venue, honoring the three bands, besides the fact that the concert took place on a Thursday. Agnes Vein walked on stage, ready to entertain the fans who checked in early enough to enjoy the support bands. The band is totally influenced by Neurosis. Everyone can understand that. With their heavy songs, their trippy and melancholic sludge licks, the band tries to mesmerize the fans from the very first moment. ‘Souldship’ was once more the center of their set and the band got everyone sank in their melodies. However, I tend to believe that the last time I watched the band performing live (back to the presentation of their latest record, last year), their performance was even more passionate than the one supporting Neurosis. I must have been left with the specific impression because last year, Agnes Vein was the headliners and performed for many more minutes.

The next act was the well-known Universe217. It is the third time I had the honor to watch the band performing on stage and I must say that each time I am totally speechless. Tania is always the one to give me the chills. She is the only vocalist I know, who can sing without a microphone in front of her and can be heard by the whole venue. Their performance was powerful and the duo, She along with Never, were the best moments of their set. Their latest record has given many great songs and the band just couldn’t present them more perfectly.


Neurosis prepared for the big night as they were about to perform for one hour and fifty minutes constantly. The ambient intro of ‘A Sun that Never Sets’ was a blast for everyone, as Scott Kelly, Steve Von Till and the crew walked on stage and began their set. No visuals were matching with the music; nevertheless, the show was as great as we expected it to be. In fact, it was mind-blowing! Neurosis knows very well how to perform DSC_7599with their hearts open and their mind closed. The minutes got by without us noticing. Steve is a beast while singing; his voice is deep and heavy, while Scott Kelly was also as great as his fellow vocalist. The band amazed us with hit-songs like ‘At the Well’, ‘Locust Star, ‘The Tide’, ‘Bleeding the Pigs’ and etc. Their passion was overwhelming everything, making the specific night a memorable one.

I can’t say that I have had enough of the Neurosis’ music, even though the band performed for a long time. Many songs were left out from the setlist, but I cannot complain because I had the chance to watch the band which created post-metal and sludge on stage. They are one of the best bands on stage, a real passionate and powerful one. I just wish to have the chance to watch them again in the close future, the next time supporting a new record. Closing the report, I would also like to thank Agnes Vein and Universe217, who warmed up the venue, right before Neurosis.

Report: Kostas Tsotsanis
Photos: Sofia Theodorou


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