Last Thursday night, we went down to the studios well-known to the rock/metal underground scene: Made In Hell studios in Moschato. The reason? The new album by a promising Hard Rock band, GANZI GUN, called “Welcome To The Show“. Produced by none other than Bob Katsionis @ Sound Symmetry studios and Basement studios, mixing/mastering done by David Prudent (and some additional recordings as well).

Let’s start going through the record track-by-track. “Psycho Circus” got us by the throat, being groovy and aggressive, including some kick ass leads. “Friday The 13th” keeps up the groove while being bluesy and sleazy as hell, meant to make people headbang (I know I did!). Perfect for parties. And as far as the vocal influences go I heard some Whitesnake/Skid Row influence in there. After a haunting lead in the beginning of “Whiskey Talking”, things go into a Whitesnake-like groove with a lot of emphasis given to the amazing vocalist. “Fading Lights” kicks in with the catchy lead (which is to be the songs’ kick ass chorus), the albums’ midtempo hit including an insane solo. “Gunshot” has that stoner-like riff for a midtempo track with a street-attitude, then speeds up in the middle with the first shredding and big solo on the album. As they said themselves, they didn’t want to emphasize on the crazy soloing that much as in the consistency of each song.

“Sweet Sadness” is the first ballad of the record, with a beautiful acoustic intro and lead, very atmospheric and showing the vocal capabilities of Chris from low to high frequencies, especially that chorus is heartbreaking. It ended kind of suddenly though. Part of the overall twist and turns, I guess. Then bass takes control to take us “Over The City” in another midtempo Hard Rock dynamite including even cello ideas in the great chorus (Ioanna Mpitsakakh, a classic musician), so much as to add that special something to the song, and a great solo as well. “Scream” has this punk-like riff as if it was played by Scorpions, and a powerful and catchy song overall! Then to the last song of the record “Siren” and its groovy intro, going into a really catchy chorus. Then a calm twist in the middle then into the final chorus. And right there a groovy breakdown riff, a pause and a jam solo ending! What a way to end the record!

A little diamond of the Greek Hard Rock scene, well-produced, extremely well-written, lots of unexpected twists and turns in the songs and also you gotta give ’em respect for choosing the less mainstream song lyricwise to shoot a video for! They have some things to say and they have our full attention! Support them on their release show on Sunday the 15th, they’re going to kick some serious asses! Welcome To Their Show!