Swallow The Sun, TYR // Kyttaro Club, Athens, Greece // 28.01.2016

It’s exciting to see a band for the first time visiting your country, even better seeing two bands for the first time with full set. No support bands, only two bands in a co-headline tour. An opportunity I wasn’t going to miss!

Well I have to admit it from the beginning; TYR are not my kind of music. I surely enjoyed them live, their enthusiasm and the contact with the audience but their heavy power with Viking and progressive elements truly didn’t touched me a lot. To tell the bitter truth, they remind me a lot of BLIND GUARDIAN in a more bad way. Heavy rhythms with power metal guitars and some very strange turnings. Difficult for me to “dive” in their music. However, they played great and had some hardcore fans in the audience. In the 90 minutes set list, they honored their latest album the most but they also played some stuff from their older releases as well. Their performance was not bad at all. Lots of movement and fun between the members alongside with their efforts to wake up some of the people below (including me), the others were in an ecstasy situation and I was happy to see that (not liking a band musically, doesn’t necessary means that they won’t have the respect they deserve).


Last year SWALLOW THE SUN released a tripled amazing album! So their first appearance here was based on that release. With “10 Silver Bullets” and “Rooms And Shadows” the journey begun, and then two songs from my favorite album of them “Hate Lead The Way” and “Cathedral Walls”. They honored their past with “Hope” and “New Moon” two of their best songs they ever written and then something fresh with “Lost & Catatonic”. Then a small surprise by playing a song from the third part of their latest album, “Abandoned By The Light”. I felt like the club was going to fall on us with this funeral doom masterpiece. A quick change of guitars and the acoustic part of the live followed with three amazing songs also from their latest album. For the end “Descending Winters” and “Shallow” filled a very good performance!


I can tell for sure that I want to see Swallow The Sun live again soon…although I know this will not happen for some years. A band creating feelings with their music. And although as I said I don’t like musically TYR they have my total respect and acknowledge for being professionals and truly great guys.

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