Gagarin205, Athens, Greece 18.11.2016

On Friday night, fans of MAX & IGOR CAVALERA had the chance to watch them perform live in Athens along with the locals, BLAME KANDINSKY. The performance was solely dedicated to Sepultura’s album “Roots”, which was one of the most significant albums of the band concerning the style and the locomotion of Max Cavalera to other musical paths.

BLAME KANDINSKY went on stage at 21:00 sharp and gave an amazingly powerful performance of their first song “Cassidy Godson meets Christine Fallin” and went on by the same intense pattern with some other songs from their first album, before introducing to the crowd the new and outstanding “Hope”. After some more excellent songs that reminded me of a blend of mathcore and progressive metalcore, those greatly experienced musicians ended their set and made way for the Cavalera brothers with their last song “Death Has No Name”.


The Athenian fans of CAVALERA CONSPIRACY, SEPULTURA and SOULFLY seemed to be impatient as right before the appearance of MAX & IGOR CAVALERA the vibe was electric and definitely warmed up after our own BLAME KANDINSKY who brought out their best self. Some minutes after 10, the ultimate moment came and the Brazilian brothers took their places on stage.

Immediately the venue started shaking, cheering and worshipping the unique initiation of the show with the all-time classic and favorite “Roots Bloody Roots”. The two brothers with the support of the very skilled Mark Rizzo and Johnny Chow played the “Roots” album and definitely made a statement with my own personal favorite “Ratamahatta”.


The frenzy did not stop there as the set list of the brothers included some covers, two from the very early years of Sepultura, “Procreation (of the wicked)”, “Policia”, an alternative performance of “Roots Bloody Roots” and the “Ace of Spades” which I believe was one of the strongest moments of the whole show. Max was all the way inviting the crowd to actively participate in circle pits, moshing and an insane wall of death towards the end while Iggor was tenaciously smashing the drums non-stop.

Overall, it was a very particular show that fans from all ages – both men in their 50’s and 8 year old kids- seemed to enjoy to the fullest. It was an experience worth having and whoever missed the show should definitely be regretting it.


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