Modu Club, Athens, Greece 12.02.2017

What a better way to get warmed on a gold Sunday afternoon rather than to go and watch DAYLIGHT MISERY, AMONG RUINS the newly formed FORAY BETWEEN OCEAN and the young blood OVERCLIFF hitting the stage of MODU.

OVERCLIFF came on stage little past over 7:30 and for the next half hour they presented songs from their debut album “Depiction Of Intimacy”. Great black/death metal effort from the young ones leaving many promises for the future. Great screaming from Magnus Peccator and great riffing from the two guitarists of the band. Made me want to hear their album for sure. And I’m sure with each live performance will get even better on stage!

Now FORAY BETWEEN OCEAN may be a new band but the fellas that formed the band are far from new in the Greek heavy metal scene. Dion from Sorrowful Angels, Themis (ex Trendy Hooligans), Ilias Bouzeas (ex Sorrowful Angels), Kostas Mylonas (Sunburst) and Jon Toussas (Narcosis) surely have some years experience in this scene. With FBO’s first album last year they explored some different musical paths than they used us. Death/Post with doom and symphonic influences, all in an interesting mixing with a good outcome. For half an hour, they played songs from “Depression Neverending”, giving us one more reason why we should give them the attention they deserve.

AMONG RUINS is one of those bands I hadn’t focused on. Not because their music is not of my taste but because I have lost track of the Greek metal scene the last 3 years. So, I think it’s only logical for missing some bands. Well I’m glad to say that for AR that’s no longer apply. They sound truly huge on stage. Great performance great and energetic music from the band that is focusing on melodic/modern death metal. Very professional during their performance and very promising to go have even more success.

I think is the third time I’ve watched DAYLIGHT MISERY and they never disappoint me. Even more when they have their third album on the way. For the next hour, they played songs from both their releases and 3 new songs from their upcoming album. Vasilis was trying all the time to wake us but for some reason only a few of us were energetic. Nevertheless that didn’t prevent us from having a great time. As for the new songs from DAYLIGHT MISERY…I can say for sure that the band did some steps to the right direction and my guts say that this is going to be a blast. Can’t wait guys!!

Great bands, good place, great friends and great music. What else can someone ask for a cold Sunday night? A magnificent way to feel the batteries for the coming week. I wish those events could happen more often. Until next time guys…Cheers!!