The last Aborted album, The Arcaic Abattoir, raised the band to a really high level, earning fans even from the most modern genres of metal music. Personally it made me put this band in the list of the cleverest of the kind and that’s because they managed to marry brutal death grind with elements coming from the space of new American core.

The particular record has confused me enough, not knowing if I should reconsider for the above. The reason is that the complimentary title that has been given to them has been abused by the band, and the result is that there are so many different parts in the album, so that sometimes the impression is given that they are two bands. Characteristic example the song Avenious which gives the impression that it was destined for another record since it differs enough from the others.

Generally the album makes a turn to a more extreme style than the “The Archaic Abattoir” giving Aborted for another time the title of one of the masters of Grindcore. Neverending blast beats with core breaks, angry riffs and mostly brutal vocals.

As far as the production is concerned I can say that I expected it to be better comparing to what we have heard recently but also comparing to what we have heard from Aborted themselves.

The album ends with a little outro which is located on the end of Underneath Rorulent Soil,
Respectively that is to say to its beginning (little intro to “The Chondrin Enigma”).

Track List Line Up
01. The Chondrin Enigma
02. A Methodical Overture
03. Avenius
04. The Spaying Séance
05. And Carnage Basked In Its Ebullience
06. The Four Nucleus Of Resurrection
07. Archetype
08. Ingenuity In Genocide
09. Odious Emanation
10. Prolific Murder Contrivance
11. Underneath Rorulent Soil
12. Surprise! You’re Dead (Bonus Track)
Svencho – Vocals
Seb – Guitars, Vocals
Peter – Guitars
Sven J. – Bass
Dan – Drums