Well…the name of the band and the title of the album speak for themselves. HELL YEAH!!!!! This is Vinnie Paul’s new venture; it couldn’t go wrong, could it? Nope. A fantastic new, debut album was created as the outcome of several jam sessions between five well experienced metal musicians.

In terms of music style, this is where Pantera, Damageplan and Nothingface meet to deliver a pure and authentic stoner/southern rock/metal sensation, vocally led by Mudvayne’s frontman Chad Gray. This is a classic American, raw, guitar-focussed album, featuring groovy and grinding riffs, a solid rhythm section and sharp vocals that come directly from the depths of the throat. What could go wrong with such a recipe? Absolutely nothing! Short songs and straight to the point; full of energy and heat that blows straight in your face.

Overall, this is a highly recommended album to those of you who are deep into the pure American sound, and those of you who can’t get enough of Vinnie Paul’s legendary drumming. Don’t’ hesitate to give this album a chance. It doesn’t matter that it’s new. The people behind it are well known for their tremendous abilities to nurture our ears and torture our napes. Oh! And a personal message to Chad: Dude, where the hell have you been hiding your throat all these years? Cowboys for Hell(Yeah)….well fuckin’ done.

Track List Line Up
01. Hellyeah
02. You Wouldn’t Know
03. Matter of Time
04. Waging War
05. Alcohaulin’ Ass
06. GodDamn
07. In the Mood
08. Star Rotten to the Core
09. Thank You
10. Nausea
11. One Thing
12. Alcohaulin’ Ass [Acoustic Version]
Chad Gray – vocals
Greg Tribbett – guitar
Tom Maxwell – guitar
Bob Zilla – bass
Vinnie Paul – drums