The Faceless is in my humble opinion a band that the whole metal scene will soon be discussing about thoroughly.

Having returned form a triumphant North American tour as support to Cynic and Meshuggah, they are about to go on the road again with Obscura(the other ”hot” name in the technical death metal scene), Neuraxxis and Cannibal Corpse until last days of April. After that, they will hit the road probably with Atheist. This is just a sign that this band is really a working one and the results cab be easily revealed on ”Planetary Duality”,their second album.

A little less brutal than their first effort ”Akeldama” (which must be checked I M M E D I A T E L Y),but far more mature and technical. Songs that vary from 2 to 5 minutes,they combine the early progression of Cynic,the musical diversity of Meshuggah and the extremity of Cannibal Corpse and Nile. They get straight to the point without overdoing the same parts again and again,just to show how good players they are. They didn’t fall in such a trap and this is something you’ve got to admit(the album is not even 31 minutes long after all).

Once they continue in the same rhythms of creativity and work(unless you know many bands going from tour to tour 3 or 4 times a year),the future is undisputedly theirs. In a time where we all complain about the new scene and we always remember the great old bands,The Faceless prove us wrong in many ways. Just give them the chance without waiting years to pass. You will certainly feel something refreshing flowing through the speakers.

Not as good as ”Akeldama” but far more interesting,”Planetary Duality” waits to be discovered.will you miss the chance?

Track List Line Up
01. Prison Born
02. The Ancient Covenant
03. Shape Shifters
04. Coldly Calculated Design
05. Xenochrist
06. Sons of Belial
07. Legion of the Serpent
08. Planetary Duality I : Hideous Revelation
09. Planetary Duality II : A Prophecies Fruition
Michael Keene – guitar, vocoder, clean vocals
Derek “Demon Carcass” Rydquist – vocals
Brandon Giffin – bass
Steve Jones – guitar
Lyle Cooper – drums