The reformation of the mighty Pestilence was a great event on its own. Imagine the joy of many old fans now, that they also released a new album which will be followed by a full tour. Many people will have the chance to see their old heroes live.

The Dutch band returned mostly with the ”Testimony Of The Ancients” line up,except drummer Marco Foddis. His replacer Peter Wildoer(ex-Darkane,also played on Arch Enemy’s ”Stigmata” album) does a great work and drives the songs of the album to a higher level.

Technically right, the new album finds the band to where albums like ”Consuming Impulse” and ”Testimony Of The Ancients” marked their existence. Of course, the result is not even close to such masterpieces,don’t forget that there has been about 16 years of absence for the band. So, the old feeling cannot be taken back that easily.

Despite the good guitar work,the great drumming and the guttural vocals in some parts,the felling that something is missing cannot leave the listener. I think that for example,Gorefest did it much better when they reformed.

Of course it’s not the same death metal style but we are talking for two bands of the same country that were missing for over a decade.

The ones who were afraid that the band would have jazzy parts like on their last album ”Spheres”,can easily give it a good listen. It is a death metal album made by four great musicians,everything has been set right,but they surely could do it better.

They have been a band that was not forgotten after all these years and they made other bands want to play like them,that’s the only reason we have to be strict with them. The only thing left now,is seeing them live and fulfiiling a dream. The days are close.

Track List Line Up
01. Devouring Frenzy
02. Horror Detox
03. Fiend
04. Hate Suicide
05. Synthetic Grotesque
06. Neuro Dissonance
07. Dehydrated II
08. Resurrection Macabre
09. Hangman
10. Y2H
11. In Sickness & Death
12. Chemo Therapy-bonus track
13. Out of the body-bonus track
14. Lost Souls-bonus track
Patrick Mameli – Vocals & Guitar
Tony Choy – Bass
Peter Wildoer – Drums