New album for Hungary’s Ektomorf which finds them in a less Soulfly mood than the previous records. Short songs up to three and a half minutes is their trademark and this is one of the good parts of the album.

Unfortunately,this time they sound a little tired,repeatable and most of all,they seem to have lost much of the nerve they had. Their last three albums(”Destroy,”Instinct” and ”Outcast”) made the band reach a new level and get wider support from fans. ”What Doesn’t Kill Me…” is far more commercial,which is not that bad,but the songs,even the ones that will become hits,just don’t have that ”something” that previous hits had (like ”I Know Them”, ”I Choke” and many others).

Another thing i personally didn’t like was the cover,where vocalist/guitarist/mainman Zoltan Kasas is exposed. I hope this isn’t a message like:it’s me and all the rest are following. The album of course is not rubbish at all. I just expected a little more evolution and a different productive approach,as the overall result doesn’t sound so strong.

I surely prefer their previous albums but if it is the first chance to know them via this album,then maybe you could give them a chance and check out their other discography as well. I hope next time they will do it better.until then…

Track List Line Up
01. Rat War
02. Nothing Left
03. What Doesn’t Kill Me…
04. Revenge To All
05. Love And Live
06. I Can See You
07. I Got It All
08. New Life
09. Sick Of It All
10. It’s Up To You
11. Envy
12. Scream
13. Breed The Fire
Jozsef Szakacs – drums
Tamas Schrottner – guitar
Zoltan Farkas – vocals, guitar, acoustic guitar
Szabolcs Murvai – bass guitar