After three years, of rumors and bets around this album release, Gathering finally reveal their renewed face. Many difficulties the past few years, including the search of a fit singer, to replace Anneke van Giesbergen’s  absence on vocals, are already past and Gathering are here with a new fresh record release.

Having no record label to control them, the band leads its own way. New vocalist Silje Wergeland, having a great sweet voice, fits perfectly the musical direction of “The West Pole” and also seems to be able to handle all the songs from the Gathering’s past releases. In times it’s obvious, that her voice and her vocal lines are influenced by Anneke’s spirit but, it would be unfair to say that she imitates Aneeke’s voice.

Musically “The West Pole” continues where previous release “Home“  stopped.

The album has a post rock feeling, at times with a pop mood, but not happy at all. Somehow more guitar orientated than “Souvenirs” and “Home” and also more aggressive, of course none expects a new version of  “Mandylion”.

All 55 minutes of this release pass if they were just one song. This means that all songs are easily heard and the mood captures your hearing. Instrumental intro track “When trust becomes sound” obviously gets the audience a smile with its fast atmospheric sounds and electric guitars.

Although, the album does not have this sound at all, but circulates around electronic sounds, beautiful ethereal vocal lines and only at times gets more electric and rocks like The Gathering haven’t rocked for years now (No One Spoke, All You Are)…

As an outcome “The West Pole”, is a place we must explore, to understand the path that opens, from now on, for this great band. It’s Silje Wergeland’s first release with The Gathering and I think the first attempt is completely promising and well done. So, if you all want to know how Gathering sound like, without Anneke, let yourself loose and go for “The West Pole” , where there’s much waiting for you.

Track List Line Up
01. When Trust Becomes Sound
02. Treasure
03. All You Are
04. The West Pole
05. No Bird Call
06. Capital of Nowhere
07. You Promised Me a Symphony
08. Pale Traces
09. No One Spoke
10. A Constant Run
Silje Wergeland – vocals
René Rutten – guitars/flute
Frank Boeijen – keyboards
Marjolein Kooijman – bass
Hans Rutten – drums